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Best treatment for wrinkles around mouth after Ulthera treatment?

I had Ulthera treatment around my mouth 6 months ago. I still have fine wrinkles around my mouth. What do you recommend to eliminate these wrinkles ? READ MORE

I need tightening and firming mostly around mouth and neck. Which is best, Ulthera, thermage, tri polar?

I already get fillers,but I need lift and tightening especially neck and mouth area. I have fine lines that Belataro did not improve. What is the... READ MORE

How long will my mouth droop after the ultherapy treatment?

I had the ultherapy done and the right side of my mouth now droops when I talk and smile. I had a facelift 20 years ago so could my nerves have moved?... READ MORE

Laser Treatment Done Badly Left with 3mo.of Redness and Scarring, Can I Do Ultherapy Now?

Had laser treatment on my face for roseacea from a "top" plastic surgeon. I ended up with 3 months of redness (burn) and scarring. The color... READ MORE

Are there areas that should be avoided during Ultherapy? Should I be comfortable with a nurse who only has 4 months' experience?

Are there areas that needs to be avoided when doing this treatment? For instance, around the mouth and thyroid area! Also, should i be comfortable... READ MORE

What are the side effects of Ultherapy?

What are the side effects of Ultherapy on the face? Since my last email to you (30mins ago) I've read some negative reviews and I want to know if it... READ MORE

I hate droopy mouth lines. Any suggestions? (photos)

I hate the lines that have started forming around my mouth, making it look droopy. My doctor recommended an Ulthera "glow" treatment of 1.5mm 2x plus... READ MORE

Will Ultherapy work for me? (photos)

I have noticed the skin under my neck is beginning to lose it's bounce and has light sagging. also concerned about fine lines around mouth and cheeks... READ MORE

Can Ultherapy reduce nose to mouth creases?

I am going for ultherapy soon and I think it will make a good difference to my jaw but can it also help reduce heaviness of nose to mouth creases? READ MORE

Ulthera or Thermismooth for around mouth?

Which treatment is better for tightening around mouth? I am beginning to have somewhat deeper nasal labial folds and a tiny fat pockets in the corners... READ MORE

I am experiencing severe pain worsening daily after Ultherapy. It is the worst today, day 10.

I received 590 pulses to my neck and the area around my mouth 10 days ago. During the treatment I felt several severe electric shock sensations in the... READ MORE

3 weeks post ultherapy, why is one corner of my mouth going down on one side? (Photo)

What is causing this? And is it permanent? One side of my mouth looks like it's pulled down! Please help! Is this permanent? I don't think it's a... READ MORE

During treatments, how does a doctor ensure that they are not delivering the ultrasound heat into the fat layer?

What settings on the Ultherapy machine should a patient be weary of? I have minimal skin droopiness. The only things notice is the shadows around my... READ MORE

New marionette lines after botox and ultherapy. What caused this?

Had ultherapy and botox done in jawline (called nefertiti lift) a few weeks ago. Now I'm noticing these new marionette lines from the corner of my... READ MORE

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