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Which is better for tightening of the face, brow, and lower face, ultherapy or thermitight?

Im 39. In last 2 years have had one series if accent tightening(no results) and one of exilis(results day after, then back to normal, so no noticeable... READ MORE

Skin Looser After Ulthera?

I am 39 and had Ulthera of my face and neck 2 1/2 mos ago. I reportedly had double the number of lines that are typically given in the deeper tissues.... READ MORE

Ulthera or Thermage help reduce facial volume? I'm 35 with very full face, would like to reduce the volume in the lower cheeks.

I had buccal fat pad removal many years ago but my face still is really full. At this point, it seems my only option is facial lipo but the risk of... READ MORE

Just How Much Can Be Expected of 1.7-1.9 Mm of Lifting from Ultherapy?

I am 42 with slightly relaxed skin on my jawline & under my chin. I've read about Ultherapy and am considering it. Some of the published pics... READ MORE

What procedure would you recommend to correct beginning jowls? (photos)

What procedure would you recommend to halt and correct beginning jowls, based on my photos and hoped results? I'm a few years from turning 40, but... READ MORE

My eyelid is drooping due to significant fat loss from radiofrequency treatment. How can I fix this?

I am turning 40. I had radiofrequency, ultherapy, and eye thermagy. After the treatments, my upper eyelid became hollow and seems to be sagging due to... READ MORE

Would Ultherapy Help Tear Troughs and Sagging Jawlines?

I'm 43 years old, and I've receiving non-ablative laser and radio frequency facial treatments monthly for the past 6 years. I have also tried fraxel... READ MORE

Is Ultherapy Cost Effective over Several Years?

I'm 42 and have seen a lot of conflicting information online about the longevity of Ultherapy's tightening effect. Some doctors say the effects last... READ MORE

Ultherapy, chin lipo, or neck lift for 38 year old aging neck? (photo)

I'm unhappy with how my rapidly my neck is aging. It seems like my neck looks much worse than other peoples for my age. What are the best options for... READ MORE

I did Ultherapy 6 mos ago. I have a thin face with big brown eyes. I look hard now. Will this wear off or is this my new face?

I am 41 big eyes, beautiful bone structure. My eyes aren't as pretty and now I'm too boney. Have I ruined myself or will things fall back into place?... READ MORE

I had 500 lines of Ultherapy on my face. I'm 35, thin and angular. Any suggestions?

Now my face looks fat and round. I modeled my entire life and am upset because I don' t photograph well. I spoke to my friend in Paris and she did it... READ MORE

Can ultherapy lift brows straight up or only up towards the sides?

I am 39 and botox doesn't work on me for some reason so I thought ultherapy could help give me a brow lift but when I went to a consult she told me... READ MORE

How can I add volume to my face? (Photo)

I had ultherapy done six months ago and my face looks scrawny and older. I don't know if it's volume loss or the tightening made the volume loss more... READ MORE

Is it safe to have Ultherapy while trying to concieve?

I am 35 and my face has started heading south. I'm trying to conceive and will be having an artificial insemination next week. I am aware that I won't... READ MORE

I Experienced Very Little to No Pain During my Ulthera Treatment 30 Days Ago. Does This Mean That I Wont Get Good Results?

After reading on real self about all the painful ulthera treatments, it has me worried that my own treatment a month ago will not produce good results... READ MORE

Neck tightening - ulthera or fractora. (photos)

I'm 40 and I've noticed that my necklace lines have become more prominent with some laxity right under the chin. What procedure would work best,... READ MORE

Have you seen successful Ultherapy results/happy patients after 1 year of Ultherapy or have you seen damage due to Ultherapy?

I recently had ultherapy ( 1 week ago) and I am having a lot of numbness under my jaw. I had the mid face and below jaw done. I am 43 years old. Based... READ MORE

Will Ultherapy cause my eyes to become smaller like some women? (Photo)

I am following a blog that shows how the eyes can become small after Ultherapy. Is this going to happen to me? Will this reverse itself if it does?... READ MORE

I am 43 and have I have sagging jowls, neck and cheeks. My skin is very thin. Ultherapy or Mini lift? (photos)

I am a thin person and I don't have very much volume in my face or neck. I am considering Ultherapy face /neck, but I'm afraid it may not have good... READ MORE

Are these Perioral Mounds? (Photo)

Will Ultherapy work to lift or get rid of it or would I need some kind of microliposuction? I am 37 yrs old and in the last month I've noticed this.I... READ MORE

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