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How Long Before the Staples Dissolve with a Tummy Tuck Procedure?

How Long Before the Staples Dissolve with a Tummy Tuck Procedure? READ MORE

Overlapping scar and open on left side (Photo)

I had full TT with umbilical and ventral hernia repair and muscle tightening 16 days ago, the staples have been removed. I noticed that the upper part... READ MORE

Why Weight Gain After Tummy Tuck?

I had a tummy tuck in Feb 2010 i weighed 115 lbs i eat right i excercise at the gym... But i am up to 120lbs. i can't fit in my jeans or shorts.. by... READ MORE

Am I doing something wrong? Incisions of tummy tuck have opened? Will this heal normal? (Photo)

I just had a tummy tuck 18 days ago and 1 week ago at my PS took the staples out and saw that part of my incisions have opened up. He did not seem... READ MORE

I found out I have a 49 inch sanoma in my gut where the stapples were. What should be done?

This surgery was done once and 24 hours later I had broke open loosing a lot of blood. I had a emergency surgery within 24 hours. I know now that a... READ MORE

Day 5 post op tummy tuck - dents. (photos)

I am concerned about the dents on my waist, the doctor said is from the binder after the surgery and the 2 day days after. I started lymphatic massage... READ MORE

Subcuticular sutures versus mattress sutures?

Why do some surgeons do subcuticular sutures and some do mattress sutures? I see some tummy tucks with nice straight lines and the skin doesn't appear... READ MORE

Is my tummy tuck incision healing properly? (Photo)

9 day post op with staple removal from incision on post op day 7. Concerns about two areas of incision. One area looks inflammed and the other is red.... READ MORE

I had a tummy tuck scar revision 4 months ago. Have been using Scar Away strips. Is this normal? What else can I do? (Photo)

My initial tummy tuck was closed with staples which left horrible marks and very wide scar. A year and half later I had scar revision. Four months... READ MORE

Body not healing after Tummy Tuck? Incision site keeps splitting and rejecting dissolvable staples, how do I proceed? (photos)

It was almost all the way healed. Then started slowly opening up and the little white dissolvable stables kept popping out. I am on week 8 and this is... READ MORE

I had a c-section in 2010. My stomach came back open 2 days after staples were removed. Will insurance cover a tummy tuck?

I have no feeling in the my stomach from my belly button to the top of my private area I have actually zipped my stomach in my pants i could feel pain... READ MORE

Infection in B/L Jp drain site or possible staple spit? (Photos)

I am currently about 3 weeks PO, holes where JP drains were have a thick whitish fibrous exudate, with minimal drainage (yellow). I cleaned the wound... READ MORE

Will my open wound heal with staples loose inside of my incision? 1 week post-op TT. (photo)

I'm 7 wpo from a tt with mr. I've a wound in the incision under my belly button that is about 1/2" dia and I can stick my pinky all the way into it.... READ MORE

Urgent help my tummy is splitting due of necrosis. (photos)

1 month post op with necrosis. My dr decide to avoid debridment & deep scar by waitin for the necrotic skin to define & heal from deep to... READ MORE

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