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Is there absolutely ANY way to change an outie belly button into an innie?

I am extremely insecure about my belly button. Every single one of my friends have an innie. They always go swimming and go to the beach and I always... READ MORE

Still an Outie Belly Button After Tummy Tuck

I am 2 weeks from a tummy tuck with lipo. on the hips & outer/inner thighs. I wasn't that huge to begin with, so my main goal was to repair... READ MORE

A Popped out Belly Button, Will It Go Inside? (photo)

I'm at 2 weeks post tummy tuck, my belly button looks like it is popped out, so unatural look, will it go back inside? READ MORE

I just had umbilical hernia surgery a week ago. My hernia is repaired but I still have an "outie." Is this normal? (photo)

Hello I just had umbilical hernia surgery a week ago. My hernia is repaired but I still have an "outie." My whole point in having the surgery was to... READ MORE

Outie Belly Button After Tummy Tuck

I had a tummy tuck almost 4 weeks ago. My belly button was an innie before surgery, but is now an outie. Will it go back in after the swelling goes down? READ MORE

What Can I Do About my Outie Problem? (photo)

I have had an outie belly button all my life. Now that I am a teen I am more conscious and aware of it. I don't like going to the beach and hear loose... READ MORE

Almost 30 weeks op. Umbilical hernia & muscle repair, TT. Not happy with my belly button. Can I make it an innie again? (Photo)

Almost 30 weeks op from umbilical hernia & muscle repair and tummy tuck not happy with my belly button. I had innie but after the surgery it became an... READ MORE

Will my belly button go in and look normal soon? It looks to much like an outie. (Photo)

I had a HLT tummy tuck 6 weeks ago and I am not happy with my belly button, it looks like a cross between and innie and outie. On my 3 week checkup... READ MORE

Had TT, ab repair and lipo in Dec. 2013, revision on belly button in April, no change. Can I get a better result? (Photo)

I have alway had an innie and expressed my concern to my PS that my belly button would look unnatural. Unfortunately, it was an ugly outie. PS did... READ MORE

Conscious about my belly button, is it possible to become an innie? (photo)

I feel very conscious about my belly button and I want it removed. Is that possible and will it become an innie after the surgery? I'm 15 year old... READ MORE

Is this swelling or am I going to be stuck with an outie belly button? Can I begin worksout at 6 weeks? (Photo)

I am 5 weeks post -op and haven't had any problems so far. I still have swelling in the lower portion of my tummy and pubic area, which is worse at... READ MORE

4 week OP from my tummy tuck today my surgeon just told me because I am skinny my belly button is going to stay outtie...??

4 week OP from my tummy tuck today my surgeon just told me because I am skinny my belly button is going to stay outtie there is no way he could have... READ MORE

Can most plastic surgeons specialized in abdominal surgery perform a umbilicoplasty? (photos)

Ie doctors that perform tummy tucks or lipo. The reason I ask is because I'm having a hard time finding a doctor that states that they perform the... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Restore an Outie Belly Button?

I recently had an umbilical hernia removed that protruded from underneath my navel. For as long as I can remember, my navel was a kind of protrusion... READ MORE

3 months and my Belly button is not gone back in!! (photo)

I had a fleur de Leigh with muscle repare done I'm pleased with results and my scar is amazing considering iv had such big surgery ... But my belly... READ MORE

12 weeks post TT with outie belly button. How much more will my belly button change?

How much more my belly button will change? I'm 12 weeks post tummy tuck with hernia repair and my belly button is an outie now . READ MORE

Popped belly button 5 months post Tummy tuck. Any suggestions? (photos)

It's been 5 months post my TT with hernia repair and I end up having an outtie belly button. Is that normal feeling a hole in the navel area? Also... READ MORE

Why is my belly button painful? (photos)

Before letting a horrible doctor in Atlanta Ga do a Tummy tuck on me i never had a outty bellybutton. I always had a bellybutton that went in. The... READ MORE

Why do I still have an outie after umbilical hernia surgery?

I've got an umbilical surgery on July 27, 2016 and 11 days later i'll still have an outie. Is it too early to see the results? when would be the best... READ MORE

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