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Is permanent lymphedema possible after Tummy Tuck?

I had a mastectomy/DIEP flap surgery in March of this year. My tummy is still painfully swollen, sometimes worse than other times depending on the... READ MORE

Solutions for Loose Skin on Abdomen?

I am a thin, physically fit woman of 50 - 5'4, 105 pds. My abdomen is in good shape with excellent muscle tone. I have loose skin on the abdomen,... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck After Breast Cancer?

I am a very healthy 50 year old breast cancer survivor. I am schelduled for a tummy tuck next month. I had mild lymph edema of my trunk following my... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck with Established UE Lymphedema?

I currently have RUE lymphedema post breast cancer treatment and bilateral hip flap reconstruction (which are beautiful, by the way). I have now... READ MORE

Suggestions for Treatment of Lymphodema 9wks PO FTT?

9 wks PO FTT & breast lift/enhancements. I wore my garment religiously, didnt stray from health,exercise etc & now tummy is hugely swollen... READ MORE

Help Me to Understand Lymphodemia After Tummy Tuck. Is my Swelling Abnormal?

4 weeks out i am swollen 24/7 w/no change day and night. I feel small fluid-like movement in abdomen when i walk. Swelling is concentrated in lower... READ MORE

I Have Lymphedema in my Right Leg, Can I Have a Tummy Tuck?

I had a radical hyserectomy with lymphnode dissection in 2006. I have lymphedema in my right leg now. The surgery left me with loose skin that hangs... READ MORE

Will Having Tummy Tuck Worsen LE Lymphadema?

I have lost 100 lbs naturally and I am trying to lose at least 75 more. I have an excesive amount of fat around my lower abdomen. It is heavy and the... READ MORE

How much weight do I need to lose prior to getting a tummy tuck & how long will it take months? a year?

I have had 4 ceasarean sections & my stomach muscles have completely gone, the overhang affects my everyday life in that im unable to even put my own... READ MORE

I had a treatment & at my follow-up appointment a large hard mass was noticed. I was told it looked like I had a hernia. Advice?

After an ultrasound and mri I met with my doctor to find out I had a hernia less than 1 inch and the mass seems to be dead fat cells that have not... READ MORE

I'm having abdominoplasty on 12/1/14. I have lymphedema in both legs. Can the surgery could have a negative effect?

I wear compression garments at night (called Reid Sleeves) to keep the lymphedema under control. My questions: (1) could the surgery cause further... READ MORE

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