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Lower Intestinal Problems After Tummy Tuck

I had tummy tuck and breat augmentation on 20th feb had bad reaction to meds and was left badly constipated and then got partial bowel blockage,used... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck After Multiple Lower Abdominal Surgeries?

After 3 small instestine surgeries and two full term preganacies I would like a tummy tuck done. I have not found any information pertaining to my... READ MORE

Hernia Repair After Eleoostomy Bag Reversal?

After my surgery of the stomach taking out 3' of intestine. I had a eleostomy bag for three mounths. After that I now have a large hernia and am... READ MORE

How Long is Necrotic Tissue Expected to Take to Clear Up?

I had a laparotomy for an abdominal mass & reversal of an illeostomy March 31 & woke w/a large bit of white necrotic tissue in my belly button... READ MORE

Is It True That After Having a Tt That the Fat Comes Back in the Intestines? (photo)

I was told that after having a Tt that studies have found that the fat Returns in the intestines..... Is this happening to me because my tummy seem to... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck After Diverticulosis?

I have diverticulosis. In 2003 an access ruptured and I was in the hospital for ten days. I went from 300 pounds to 178 pounds. Today I still have... READ MORE

Will having big Intestine will affect a tummy tuck?

I had a tt done 4 months ago and im not flat I get super big durin tht day I ask my ps if I needed to pull my skin some more she said no tht im not... READ MORE

Is it a case that to reinforce a severe diastsis that dissolvable mesh would help? What are the risks involved?

A surgeon has told me the severity of my diastsis recti (5 inches wide) caused my diaphragm to move down and my intestines have expanded because of... READ MORE

Will the Tummy tuck muscle tightening make it painful for my intestines to expand and contract?

My Dr. thinks I need a tummy tuck. My stomach has always been a pot belly, even when I ran a marathon and weighted 115lbs people asked if I was... READ MORE

Can a tummy tuck cause intestinal adhesions?

I asked my doctor if the TT could cause abdominal adhesions since I now can't go to the bathroom (they found a new "kink" in my colon) and the center... READ MORE

Belly button is is flat and aligned with the rest of the skin but often the area sticking out when the intestine moves (Photo)

Hi, I had a full TT with mussel repair from my ribs to my lower abs. following big pregnancies.My belly button seem like a drew of circle on my skin,... READ MORE

you think removal of the tissue may help? Or a tummy tuck? (photo)

2 C-sections last c section was 12yrs ago.ob/gyn said i had allot of access/died tissue... She wants to remove, but she is afraid it would create... READ MORE

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