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Whats the fastest way to build your hemoglobin level from 11.3 to 13.0?

Im planing on have a tt,with lipo and maybe a breast lift just got back my lab works and my hemoglobin level is 11.3 i need to be at least a 12.0 to... READ MORE

I need to get my hemoglobin level from 10.2 to 12 in 2 months for my Tummy Tuck and Lipo surgery. Is this realistic and how?

I have been anemic all my life and my hemoglobin is a 10.2 right now. My pcp told me to eat enriched foods which i plan to do but did not recommend... READ MORE

Can Ovarian Cysts Cause a Drop in Hemoglobin Level After a Partial Hysterectom?

I am scheduled for an abdominoplasty next week, but I have had a drop in my hemoglobin level. It was 13.1 three months ago. And now it's 11.7. I have... READ MORE

How can I raise my hemoglobin from 10.4 to 13 in 5 weeks' time? THANKS!

My surgery date is in 5 weeks. I have been taking a 300mg / 65mg elemental ferous sulfate otc iron supplement (feosol)1x a day and a prescription iron... READ MORE

How can I assure my hemoglobin rises by March? (Photo)

My hemoglobin was at 11 in September I was taking iron but ran out. How many miligrams of iron should I have per day in order to have it at a safe... READ MORE

Tummy tuck/lipo surgery incomplete due to low hemoglobin. Can I have a tummy tuck 7 weeks after lipo on other areas?

My PS was scheduled to perform lipo and tummy tuck in same session. Due to drop in hemoglobin count during surgery (from 12 to 10), he stopped the... READ MORE

Beta Thalassemia Minor Carrier, Candidate for TT?

Because of my trait i have low Hematocrit 27 and low Hemoglobin is it safe to have plastic surgery? (tummy tuck, breast augmentation) i had two c... READ MORE

Hypotension and other complications after tummy tuck (photo)

Complications after a tummy tuck. What do you think might have happened? I'm a nurse & also the patient.I had a tummy tuck & breast augmentation. I... READ MORE

Hemoglobin Low; How High Should it Be to Get A TT/MR and Lipo?

Hemglogyen is low 8.4 i took b 12 shots for 5 day and than shots once a wk for 4 wks and iron 3 x a day. it went up to 9.8 want a tt with mr and lipo... READ MORE

11.4 hemo. What can I do to get it up?

My hemo is 11.4 and I'm do for tummy tuck and lipo on March 31 2015 is it safe and is there any thing I can do to get it up READ MORE

Are at home hemoglobin test/machines reliable?

Thinking about buying an at home hemoglobin machine from ebay for about $60. Are these reliable? READ MORE

TummyTuck & Brazilian Butt Lift?

I plan on getting a Brazilian Butt lift &' tummy tuck together in December. I want to know if this is safe. I have a very high hemo but I don't... READ MORE

Can I have a tummy tuck? My hemoglobin is 12.3

My hemoglobin is 12.3 and I am interested in getting a Tummy tuck with lipo, lipo on my back, flanks and the fat transferred to my butt. Is this... READ MORE

Would a tummy tuck be dangerous after having uterine atony after c-section?

Hello, I had 2 c-sections the first one was 6 years ago and the second one was 4 1/2 months ago. The first one I had some blood loss but recovered ok... READ MORE

Tummy tuck: My hb levels are at a low of 9.8 (heavy menstruation). (photo)

Been prescribed a multi vitamin. Surgery is due in 5 days. Worried. READ MORE

How are some girls able to get TT, BBL, Lipo and BL w/Aug at same time? Safety?

I want all these procedure but don't know how safe it is. Does it depend on hemo level. On Oct 31 mine was 13.7 after a heavy cycle was 14.5. I want... READ MORE

What would be a basic hemoglobin level for a TT?

My hemoglobin came back at 8, which my primary doesn't seem to concerned I have had gastric bypass and it stays low most of the time, and I was just... READ MORE

My HGB was 8.4 on Monday 4/27. I started 250 ml of venofer daily on Monday and will continue getting them through Sunday 5/3

What is the probability that I will reach 12 by Sunday as my surgery is scheduled for 5/5 and I fly out to DR on Monday 5/4? On 4/17 my hgb was 7.6... READ MORE

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