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Muscle Repair Vs Fascia Tightening

When have a tummy tuck procedure done what is the difference between muscle repair and fascia tightening and which has the best results? READ MORE

Poor Abdominal Fascia

I had an umbilical hernia repair following 4 pregnancies. The surgeon found that I have very thin fascia, and he put in a large piece of mesh that... READ MORE

During Abdominoplasty, How Does a Surgeon Estimate How Much to Tighten the Fascia?

Surgeons agree my abdominal fascia needs tightening from breastbone to pubic bone. CT scan shows muscle separation of maybe an inch. Isn't the... READ MORE

What if my Fascia is Too Fragile to Pull Together?

The surgeon who did my hernia repair said I have really bad fascia. I understand that the fascia layer is what is pulled together, not the actual... READ MORE

What does abdominal fascial plication and open ventral hernia repair mean?

I was diagnosed via CT scan with a severe case of diastasis of the muscle, with loss of muscle tone, and it's causing my intestines to buldge out as... READ MORE

question about fascia

I had a full tummy tuck and hernia repair with biological mesh about 7 months ago. After going to see my PS because the tummy is still not flat and... READ MORE

Is this normal for me to have a dimple or sunken crease near my incision? (photos)

Is this normal for me to have a dimple or sunken crease near my incision? I recently had a ventral hernia repair with a fascial plication surgery... READ MORE

I Am 5yrs Post Op. I Am Experiencing Severe Swelling of my Abdominal Wall?

This occurs after eating, mainly at night, or after exercise. I look 9 mths pregnant before I go to bed and wake up significantly better. But this... READ MORE

How many inches should I expect to lose during TT? Also should I loosen up bound fascia on my tummy before surgery? (Pohto)

I'm 5'3 and weigh 138 (lost 87lbs!) I have 29 inch waist (right above belly button) and 37.5 hips. I am constantly approached by strangers who ask if... READ MORE

Is Myofascial Release As Part of Lymphatic Massage Damaging to a TT?

I am 11 weeks post op TT and my PS suggested massage to help with the swelling. At my massage appointment today, the massage therapist did some deeper... READ MORE

Do i need mesh with this or is there any other option? (photos)

So my gs had me get a ct and basically my whole stomach is a ventral hernia. I have a diastasis and my fascia tissue is so thin and disapears at my... READ MORE

Is Weak Fascia/Stomach Muscle Cogenial? Or else What is Wrong with Me?

Hello I m a 27 female that have problem with my belly since childhood.. I wake up with flat belly, but while eating my belly would swell up, and by... READ MORE

Will a tummy tuck fix diastasis and bulging of abdomen?

Is it true that diastasis rectus muscle repair does not fix laxity in the abdominal fascia? So after surgery I can be flat in the morning but look... READ MORE

How do surgeons tighten the fascia ABOVE the umbilicus when the umbilical stalk is left attached during an abdominoplasty?

Due to poor skin elasticity in my upper abdomen my umbilical stalk was left attached as my surgeon did not think he could get it to drift downward... READ MORE

Can my diastasis rectus abdominus repair fail if my abdominal fascia has no tone? (photos)

A specialist told me my abdominal fascia has very little tone. He said there is a high likelihood that a rectus abominus repair would fail. I... READ MORE

Separated Fascia in the Pelvic Area?

I've been told that I have separated the fascia tissue in my pelvic area (when I strained my groin). My adductor muscles are very tight and I think... READ MORE

Torn Fascia? (photo)

I had a full TT in December. I've noticed that in order to look completely flat I have to suck my stomach in. Prior to the TT I was thin and athletic... READ MORE

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