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I was cleaning my very deep bellybutton, and the cotton from the end of the QTip came off deep inside?

My bellybutton was itchy so I cleaned it with alcohol and then peroxide. I was using a generic QTip. I am a large person, and cannot reach the end of... READ MORE

How do I clean my Tummy Tuck incision? (photo)

Hello:) I am two weeks post op from a full TT & lipo of the flanks. I've been cleaning my incision with alcohol and applying Bacitracin ointment... READ MORE

What soap can I use to clean with before my surgery the night before?

I have been searching on the internet for soap to use the day before surgery. Please let me know. Thank you. READ MORE

Will my Belly Button Heal or do I Need Medical Assistance?

I am 13 days post op from a tummy tuck and my doctor instructed a nurse to remove the tape off of my belly button. I was actually horrified at what I... READ MORE

Tummy tuck wound: Tiny hole with an open "tunnel" next to it, pus under skin; Cleaning inside with saline with a syringe myself?

Full TT 5 wks ago, had a seroma aspirated 3 times, looks like it's gone now. 2 wks ago a tiny hole opened in the incision and drained orange clear... READ MORE

Appropriate care for tummy tuck three weeks post? (photo)

Im on my 3wkpost tt. As recommended by my doctor, I've been cleaning my incision and applying A&D daily. I guess my scar is not looking to bad, but... READ MORE

My belly button is swollen shut and hard to clean. Is this normal? (photo)

The np says I need to clean my belly button daily with q tips and hydrogen peroxide. Its so swollen its hard to get the qtips in and feels very... READ MORE

How to Clean Your Tummy Tuck Incision 16 Days Postop?

I had a full tummy tuck with liposuction on august 21, 2013. READ MORE

2 months post op Tummy Tuck, I fear of even more necrosis, how can I help myself? What can I do? (photos)

I had tt two months ago, 9 days ago doc removed necrosis bigger than golf ball but smaller than tennis ball from abdomen. This is how it's looking... READ MORE

3 weeks post TT and my wound is opening. What do I clean it with? (Photo)

My drs office won't get back to me so I have come here.. I am 3 weeks post op Full TT and have this small opening in my wound. Not painful, not itchy,... READ MORE

How can I clean my tummy tuck wound? I have fat necrosis (Photo)

I am PO 3 weeks from my TT and I am frustrated with my wounds. I was told to clean them and to try to keep them pink looking but daily I have this... READ MORE

Was Cleaning BB with Qtip. 6 Years Post TT. Deep Hole. QTip Tip Got Lost in There! How to Retrieve? (photo)

I usually use a qtip to clean the area because after exercise, can smell a little bad. Usually no problem, but last night I used a cheap qtip and now... READ MORE

How should you clean your TT incision. How soon after a tummy tuck can you start treating your scar so it can get lighter ?

Should you start cleaning your TT incision right after surgery? Which soaps/ ointments are best to use? Also, which products are best to make your... READ MORE

What can I put on post tummy tuck wound above pubic area? (photo)

19 days post op skin only TT. My skin was pulled really tight and now the upper pubic area is kind of gross. My ps says to clean with peroxide or warm... READ MORE

What method do you recommend on cleaning my incision area and naval after a tummy tuck?

What method do you recommend on cleaning my incision area and naval after a tummy tuck? READ MORE

Extended TT update. 3 1/2 weeks po. I have never smoked nor a diabetic. Do I need a second opinion? (Photo)

My ps does not want to do any debredemint. He wants me to give it time to heal and says everything will fall off on its own. I have been on... READ MORE

I am having a TT in March of 2014, can ANYONE tell me if I will need someone to wipe myself after using the bathroom?

I am scheduled to have a TT in 3/14 and am very concerned about if I am going to have to have my husband have to be the one to do this awful deed?... READ MORE

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