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Tummy tuck revision

I had a tht done that to me and others was a botched up bodies one :( That was the worst decision I ever made in my life carried out by mr meleagros, transform. I had no muscle repair (even though I have 3 kids) he said my muscles were good. So I then researched and found Mrs Kat I had about... READ MORE

Tummy tuck revision

Hi! I had a tummy tuck 2 years and 6 months ago. I don't like the results now. I would like to do another tummy tuck with liposuction, but I'm not sure if I have enough fat for a lipo. I would also like some shape (liposculpting). I don't like my belly button since is not in the middle. Any... READ MORE


I had a baby in oct 2015. He stretched the skin on my stomach so I'm getting it redone. I'm not scared or a nervous wreck like the 1st time. I have to get ready for the surgery. I pray everything goes well like the 1st time. I need to change my room around I will be sleeping in the recliner I... READ MORE

Excellent experience and I will definitely go back to him if I had to

Hello girls! I highly recommend this Dr because from my own personal experience he's one of the best in DR. He's very kind and professional. You can contact him any time and he will reply to your questions right away. I was a very frustrated female due to a past surgery i had done five years... READ MORE

I had 3 different surgeries with dr kadz- he's the best

If I could give more stars I would. I've had 3 surgeries done with dr kadz. My breast augmentation which I love and recommended my friend who went in to have hers done with him and she's so happy. I had liposuction which completely got rid of my underarm fat they look awesome and I had a tummy... READ MORE

Salama Did His Thing On Me... Mommy Makeover!!!

Took a quick 1 day trip to Aventura to see THE MAN SALAMA. Had to get his opinion on if he can redo my tummy tuck that I'm not happy with and haven't been happy with since day 2 after the surgery. No, he's not the one who did the 1st tummy tuck, Dr Cortes in Houston was the one. Salama did my... READ MORE

29 W/ Twins Need Tummy Tuck Revision (SLE)

I had a previous tummy tuck back in 2015 and i'm not satisfied, I was diagnosed lupus last year so I'm a lil scared about getting it redone, but i'm also excited to see my results, I'm confident Dr. Shifrin will do a great job, the works i've seen that he has done is great and he explained to me... READ MORE

Revision abdominalplasty, FDL, decompression lipo to upper arms, thighs and flanks, fat grafting breasts, buttocks, hands

62 y/o woman with 110#wt loss , and maintained current weight for 2 yrs . I'm a triathlete and competitive swimmer on a Masters team and Senior team , member of Michigan Senior Olympics , went to National Senior Olympics in 2015, and qualified in 5 events for National Sr Olympics this Summer in... READ MORE

Flankplasty to Make It a 360 Tummy Tuck - Columbus, GA

I had full abdominoplasty and Lipo of my flanks on October 27, 2015. I had terrible results and developed a seroma. The removal of the seroma and a revision was done November 19, 2015. I looked good for maybe 1 day after surgery after that I had so much swelling I was never flat again and my... READ MORE

Excellent staff

Went to Dr Ortega for a TT Revision since my first one didn't come out well. He also did muscle repair and put my belly button in the middle and lower my scar. Dr Ortega did a great job wish I knew him before! The staff were also Great! Dr Chavely was amazing!!! Gloria (massage lady) was also... READ MORE

Keloid peventative not done!

My experience with doctor Ahmad Ahmadi was good at first. What all potential TT customers should know is that you should make sure he does what he promises. When I came to Dr. Ahmad I told him my concerns and mainly I was concerned about a keloid forming. He assured me that he will do... READ MORE

BL/BA and TT and MR. Amazing Dr and staff from start to finish

I've had a BL/BA and a TT with MR with Dr Plovier. Boobs last year and tummy this year. Dr P and his staff are amazing and make you feel safe and looked after from the start. I have had complications with both my surgeries due to my Auto immune system and I have had the support and care from him... READ MORE

Extended Tummy Tuck - Excited To See Results!

I had a previous surgery with this doctor and he did a great job. Now I want to have the extended tummy tuck and get rid of this apron after losing 40 pounds. Excited about seeing what I will look like. Anyone have this done and have advice for me or happy they did it? A little nervous, so... READ MORE

39 Year Old Mother of 2

Well I’m getting very nervous considering I’ve been hearing/seeing a lot of deaths pertaining to BBLs. But I’ve done my research and I’m confident that Dr. Derby is the one!! Also my cousin went 2 him and she looks great! I’ve paid my deposit, and payed for my plane ticket. I’ve just been prayin... READ MORE

Still Have a Buldge After 2nd Tummy Tuck with Mesh Reinforcement

I had my first tummy tuck on 3-4-2015. Everything looked great and flat until the first 5 weeks then a small buldge formed above my belly buy and just started to expand over this area. The dr told me that's how you are and you can't change that. I started to get really bloated, painful ... READ MORE

Fell Through the Cracks

I value recommendations from RealSelf and contacted Dr Koelliker from here. As has been noted, he works with FaceLiftMexico aka Pat Marino, who contacted me promptly here in San Miguel where I will be all summer. I was immediately offered a surgery date before consultation. When I explained that... READ MORE

Dr. Ortega....won't he do it?

I am having a tummy tuck revision & a breast lift. I know I may never look normal, but I'm hoping for improvement & a normal belly button. I hope my coordinator sent him my pics. Past surgeries: Breast reduction Gastric bypass Botched tummy tuck Breast implants/removal Butt... READ MORE


I had a botched TT in the states 9/19/16 and decided to go to the DR for a revision TT & BBL and stumbled across Dr. Ramon Sabala researched him for a while and decided to book with him for 3/10/17 and I am so glad I did he is a wonderful doctor as well as a person he speak very well... READ MORE

Amazing results

Dr Barrett is incredible! I feel amazing after having 4 kids he fixed my tummy up and my incesisions are so minimal. I am so happy with my results after going to another dr that couldn't fix my stomach twice I wish I would have found Dr Barrett sooner! He wants you to look and feel you best and... READ MORE

tummy tuck revision - Doral, FL

Hello dolls i will be having my revision soon, not sure about the date but im sure it will be this year. I hade a tt tuck last year in September. Everything went well my scar is very nice an low... the only thing i dont like is that my belly button is very small, an my incision line in the... READ MORE

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