Bulge + Tummy Tuck Revision

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Bulge in Upper Abs and Pubic Area 7 Months After Full TT with MR, Do I Need Revision? (photo)

I had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair 7 months ago and i still have upper ab buldge and pubic area buldge i also have a indention on my tummy... READ MORE

How can I Ensure Good Results from My Tummy Tuck Revision for Bulges?

At 10 days post-op from a full tummy tuck, my doctor removed my bandages and drainage tubes and immediately commented that I would need a revision... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck, Revision? (photo)

TT w/MR on 11-5 extreme shelf above incision, bigger on one side and my scar is very high on the sides. Although low in the front, none of my panties,... READ MORE

Would a Revision Correct my Results Without Having to Redo my Tummy Tuck Procedure? (photo)

I had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair and lipo in my upper abdomen. My complaints are bulging of my upper abdomen, my stomach looks like a tire... READ MORE

Should I have to pay any additional costs for tummy tuck revision? (photo)

I had a tummy tuck last November. My belly button has a hypertrophic scar. It is really raised and discolored. Also, I have a crease where the skin is... READ MORE

Possible Tear in Muscle/tissue 12 Weeks Post TT, Will Imaging Show Whats Going on and Can It Be Fixed?

This is my 2nd TT to repair muscle laxity that wasn't tightened properly on 1st TT. I am feeling the same thing again that I felt after my 1st TT,... READ MORE

Bulge over Belly Button and Painful Bump on Side of Waist. Is It Normal Swelling or Permanent ?

Hi, I had a tummy tuck in 2008 after the birth of my first son. Now 7 months ago I had another son and had a tummy tuck two weeks ago. My first tummy... READ MORE

I'm Will Like to Know Do I Need a Tummy Tuck Revision Done? (photo)

I had a tummy tuck done 2 yrs ago and I'm not happy with it. I seem to have too much extra skin, bulging here and there, and somehow formed a scar... READ MORE

If Abdominal Wall Is Stretched Out, Is It True That I Can't Have Flat Tummy After Surgery?

I'm 8 weeks post OP I have a bulge , surgeon told me he can go through my belly button and fix the bulge under belly button but the roundness around... READ MORE

TT Revision-right Side Torn

Right after surgery, about 3 dozen stitches popped on right side, undoing the rt. side tranverse plication. (Due to 7-day severe, immediate... READ MORE

Will my Insurance Cover a Tummy Tuck Revision Above my Belly Button

Large bulge above the waist..15 years ago had a tummy tuck. I should get a mri and see my doctor..I also have diverticulosis READ MORE

How do I have to wait for a revision abdominoplasty surgery? I possible have pseudo-bursa and stretched out skin. (photos)

Full tummy tuck with muscle repair 6/9/14. Huge amount of swelling above belly button. Kept JP drain in x 2 weeks till it got infected then aspiration... READ MORE

Tummy tuck revision needed? (Photo)

I had a full tt and breast lift 6 months ago. I'm unhappy with my scar line/excess bulge in my upper abdomen. I feel my abdomen is not as tight/flat... READ MORE

Area Around Belly Button Undone? Have Bulge on One Side?

03/11 I had MR (huge gap) with TT.3 mths after I return to work,had an injury,MR came undone instantly.Area spread out around my BB bulged,overtime... READ MORE

If my Muscle/tissue Within my TT is Torn, Can It Be Repaired? Will Imaging Show This?

12 weeks post TT. I think my muscle/tissue is torn &/or comping apart on my lower left side. Pain, stretching/tearing feeling 24/7, tiny bulge... READ MORE

I look 4 months pregnant after a full tummy tuck and a revision! What went wrong? (Photo)

I had a full tt with lipo almost a year ago. I was completely flat, and after 5 days this bulge appeared making me look 4 months pregnant. PS did a... READ MORE

I'm 3 months post tummy tuck with lipo of flanks, and I'm unsure of the result. Should I have revision during BR? (Photo)

I know I'm only 3 months post op, but I feel as if I've been left with an unusual shape, a hard bulge over my scar, an odd bellybutton, exaggerated... READ MORE

Would it be possible to get a second Tummy tuck?? (photos)

My Dr repaired my diastasis only through laproscopic surgery and created a "new bellybutton" but I'm displeased. I wish I could've gotten a full tummy... READ MORE

Will I need a TT revision? (Photo)

I know it's early. I had my MMO 12/15/15. I have a huge bulge right above my pelvis area on my tummy. Around 3 weeks post op I have fluids drained, &... READ MORE

Tummy tuck revision? (Photo)

Hi I had a full tummy tuck and liposuction and muscle repair almost a year now But I'm not satisfied with my result I still have a bulge above my... READ MORE

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