3 Months Post-op + Tummy Tuck Revision

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How to Fix Bad Tummy Tuck Result? (photo)

I thought I was getting a complete TT. Woke from surgery with what looks like a mini with a long scar. Doctor did lower muscle repair.I had 3 old... READ MORE

Would a Tummy Tuck Revision Improve Results?

Three months after my tummy tuck, I'm not happy. When I stand up it's fine, but if I sit down or bend over, the skin goes over my pants. Plus... READ MORE

10 Week Post Op and Still Unsure About Result

FTT done 4/11 (by board certified dr). Also lipo to abs, hips, flanks. Prior to surgery I had uneven results from lipo work by non cert dr. That being... READ MORE

Will Revision Tummy Tuck Help with Skin That Has Become Loose or Will It Happen Again? (photo)

Hi I'm just wondering if getting my revision TT will help with my loose skin that has been developing... My surgeon has agreed to do it at the 6... READ MORE

3 months post op of Tummy Tuck, I am unhappy with my flanks. Am I a good candidate for an extended Tummy Tuck? (photos)

Im 3 months PO and am very unhappy with my flanks. The surgeon said that it's skin and extending the tummy tuck will not make any improvement, that my... READ MORE

Do I Need a Second Tummy Tuck? (21 Year Old Man)

At the age of 15 I was 304 pounds.Now my weight is 171 pounds,5.8f tall.3 months ago I had my op.My skin was not in a horrific situation(I've seen... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Revision - Why is the Doctor Charging Me For Extra Skin? (photo)

Had tt along with lipo on the flanks 3 months back. However, you will see that I am still pretty thick in the middle and still have a lot of skin left... READ MORE

3mo post extended abdominoplasy...still have a muffin top. What should I do to eliminate this excess skin on side? (photos)

Was told did not need to go all the way around. One of major complaints prior to surgery was muffin top. Did I get what I paid for or should it have... READ MORE

If my Muscle/tissue Within my TT is Torn, Can It Be Repaired? Will Imaging Show This?

12 weeks post TT. I think my muscle/tissue is torn &/or comping apart on my lower left side. Pain, stretching/tearing feeling 24/7, tiny bulge... READ MORE

3 months post Tummy Tuck, do I need a revision? (Photo)

Had severe Diastasis prior to surg. I am 3 months out of my surg and notice that from the bottom of my belly button up to my ribs sticks out like I... READ MORE

I had an extended tummy tuck with muscle repair and then a revision 3 months later and I am 12 weeks post op.

I had an extended tummy tuck with muscle repair and then a revision 3 months later and I am 12 weeks post op. Is it normal to have all this with no... READ MORE

Almost 3 months post op and my belly still looks like pic below. What can I expect from a revision? (Photo)

Almost 3 months post op and my belly still looks like this picture. Also, the area above my belly button is bulging a bit. I feel like I looked better... READ MORE

Will the redness go away? (Photo)

My TT was done in March due to hypertrophic scar I had a revision in October however hypertrophic scar developed again. As a result I had steroid... READ MORE

What would a revision procedure involve after full TT procedure? (photo)

Ithree months post op tt and lipo flanks.whats involved in a revision and how long is the recovery have a pouch left side above incision that has not... READ MORE

Does it look like I will need a revision? I'm 11 weeks post op! (Photo)

Hi everyone. I'm still having doubts as the whether enough has been taken off me? I understand that I'm not going to "skinny", however I'm just not... READ MORE

I had a tummy tuck revision 3 months ago and have developed adhesions? (Photo)

Will massaging the area help break up the scar tissue? Is another revision necessary to fix it? READ MORE

Can this be an encapsulated seroma? TT revision 3 months post op. (photos)

Had TT revision in April and now have this lump on the right side of my bb. I initially had a seroma form 3 days after surgery but my PS said it was... READ MORE

How and when to treat fat necrosis/fibrosis - 3 months post-op TT. (photos)

I have developed fat necrosis right under my belly button. I have been getting aggressive massages with ultrasound and wearing my faja with ab board... READ MORE

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