Tumescent Liposuction Videos

Arm and Bra Roll Liposculpting (GRAPHIC)

Awake comfortably sedated upper body precision liposculpting of the arms and front and back bra rolls with fat transfer to the buttocks. VIEW NOW

Vertical Approach to the 'Lollipop' Breast Reduction (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Malik Kutty demonstrates why the "lollipop" scar is more than just how the incision is made and will provide a better breast shape. VIEW NOW

Neck Lift Results for a Sharper Jawline

Dr. Malik Kutty shares a series of before and after images of a woman who underwent an open platysmaplasty to achieve tighter skin on her neck and a dramatically more defined jawline. VIEW NOW

Double Chin Liposuction Results After 3 Days

Dr. Malik Kutty shares the immediate results of a liposuction procedure to correct the appearance of a double chin. It's done while the patient is wide awake, with local anesthesia, and done in the office in 30 minutes. VIEW NOW

Precision Liposculpting for Hourglass Figure Results

Dr. Justin Yovino performs a precision liposculpting on a woman while she's awake. He emphasizes on her waist, thighs, and knees to help contour and define her figure into an hourglass shape. VIEW NOW

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Buffalo Hump Reduction: How Much Fat is Removed?

Right after completing a buffalo hump reduction procedure, Dr. Justin Yovino exhibits the fat that was removed. VIEW NOW

Tumescent Liposuction of the Stomach, Waist, and Outer Thighs (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Steven Wallach demonstrates a tumescent liposuction procedure where he removes fat from this woman's abdomen, waist, and outer thighs. VIEW NOW

Before & After Liposculpting Results of the Knees and Inner Thighs

Dr. Justin Yovino shares these before and after results of a woman who desired precision liposculpting for her knee area and inner thighs. VIEW NOW

The Tummy Tuck Explained

Dr. Marc DuPéré discusses liposuction (upper bra and back rolls, lower back rolls, love handles and abdomen) and tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) with skin excision, muscle repair and bilicoplasty. VIEW NOW

How Much Skin is Removed in a Mommy Makeover? (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Marc DuPéré shares how much skin can be removed in a mommy makeover and explains how tightening the abdominal muscles can enhance results. VIEW NOW

Key Components of a Mommy Makeover

Dr. Marc DuPéré discusses the mommy makeover and the different areas of concern it can address. VIEW NOW

Chin and Neck Liposculpting Results

Dr. Justin Yovino shares the results of a woman who underwent neck and chin liposculpting three months after her procedure. It can be done under light sedation and local anesthesia. VIEW NOW

Buffalo Hump Reduction Procedure Overview

Dr. Justin Yovino performs a buffalo hump reduction procedure on this woman using precision laser liposculpting techniques under local anesthesia and light sedation. VIEW NOW

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Liposculpting Buttock Transformation with Fat Transfer

Dr. Justin Yovino demonstrates how liposculpting and transferring fat from the tummy can transform the shape of the butt, from start to finish. Additional before and after examples are shared. VIEW NOW

Scar Removal Surgery and Treatment (GRAPHIC)

This woman previously had an operation that left a lumpy, crooked scar that was impossible to hide in a two-piece bathing suit. Dr. Malik Kutty removed the scar and corrected it to be flat, narrow, and easily hidden. VIEW NOW