Tumescent Liposuction Videos

27 Years After Pregnancy, This Woman Gets a Mommy Makeover

Maria had her daughter when she was 18. Nearly three decades later, she decided to get a mommy makeover and wear the swimsuits she never could in her twenties. Hear her story. VIEW NOW

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What Areas of the Body Can Be Treated With Liposuction?

Dr. Larry Schlesinger explains just how many unique uses there are for liposuction in treating problem areas around the body. VIEW NOW


Tummy Tuck Weight Loss Expectations

Dr. Richard Brown explains that patients expecting weight loss from a tummy tuck will not be as happy with the results as the patients who lose as much weight as they can before surgery. VIEW NOW

When is the Right and Wrong Time to Have Liposuction?

Dr. Jon A Perlman describes when you should consider having liposuction performed. VIEW NOW

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How It Feels to Have Tumescent Liposuction While You're Awake

Dr Malik Kutty explains how he manages a patient's pain during the procedure and what you can expect. VIEW NOW

From a Square to Hourglass Figure — See This Woman's Results 1 Week After Butt Implants With Fat Transfer

Dr. Johnny Franco shares this woman's transformation after liposculpting, 548cc silicone butt implants in a subfacial position, and 350cc of fat transfered to each buttock. VIEW NOW


"I Never Had a Waist" — Hear About Jamie's Liposuction Results

Jamie's had a breast augmentation and liposuction to the abdomen with Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger. Even though she loves her breast augmentation, she explains what made the liposuction different and so satisfying. VIEW NOW

Tumescent Liposuction and Smart Lipo — The Doctor Combines These Procedure for Better Results

Dr. Joel Schlessinger explains the differences between these methods and the benefits of combining procedures. VIEW NOW

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When Is It Ok to Combine Surgical Procedures?

Dr. Rami Ghurani explains the common combinations that are safe and provide the best outcomes when patients are considering more than one procedure for improving their appearance. VIEW NOW

Tummy Tuck and Liposuction: This Woman Shares Her Before & After

This woman lost what she calls her "inner tube" thanks to a tummy tuck and liposuction with Dr. Peter Chang. See the results. VIEW NOW

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Liposuction and Fat Transfer: Learn About the Body Jet Eco

Watch as Dr. Jason Emer uses the Body Jet ECO. VIEW NOW


Get Answers to Your Lipedema Questions

Dr. David Amron shares answers to these common lipedema questions. VIEW NOW

Lipedema Liposuction Surgery on the Calves and Ankles: The Doctor Explains His Markings

Watch as Dr. David Amron marks up this woman in preparation for her liposuction surgery to treat lipedema. VIEW NOW

I Have Thyroid Disease — Can I Still Get Liposuction?

This person has thyroid disease. Is liposuction out of the question? VIEW NOW

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What's the Most Effective Type of Liposuction?

Are there differences between types of liposuction? Get the answer from Dr. Pedro M. Soler, Jr. VIEW NOW