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Will Medicaid Cover a 5 Year Old Chipped Tooth?

My Front Tooth Was Chipped About 4-5 Years Ago Will Medicaid Cover It still? Did I Wait too Long? READ MORE

Will Medicad Cover Tooth Erosion Fixing?

I am 23 years old and i have some tooth erosion on the top and bottom. My son and i have medicaid, so i was wondering would Virginia Medicaid cover me... READ MORE

How can I get Medicare or medacaid to pay for dental work if my teeth damage was caused from my anorexia nervosa / bulimia ?

I've had an abscess since Nov (wasn't covered at that time) now my lower right gum line is black one tooth has a hole and the back is gone which led... READ MORE

How can I find help in getting dentures? I'm willing to make monthly payments

Can't eat.. Losing weight.. Bad gum disease.. Very painful.. Teeth Falling out by the root.. Want to smile again.. Depression has kicked in.. On... READ MORE

I have a broken decayed tooth what can I do to fix it and will medicaid cover some of it?

I have a 2 front teeth that are decayed but we're able to fix at the time, I was pregnant and I wasn't able to be on my back that long so decided to... READ MORE

Does N.C. Pregnancy Medicaid cover A dental partial plate?

It's one tooth on the partial.. A new one is $500. I went to a dentist office and said it could be repaired for $200. It's not broke but it's very... READ MORE

Will Medicaid cover a chipped tooth?

One of my front teeth chipped when I bit into something hard/ Will Medicaid pay for the repair? READ MORE

Is there a Dentist that would accept Medicaid here in Alabama to do Cosmetic work on children?

My daughter is 11 years old. I took her to the Dentist here on Hilcrest Road in Mobile Al. They say she needs some type of Cosmetic work done where... READ MORE

Does the nevada expanded medicaid cover fillings for adults?

I need a dentist whether or not the nevada expanded medicaid covers dental fillings for adults. The tooth i'm most concerned with is an upper central... READ MORE

Will Medicaid in Las Vegas Cover Fillings?

I need some fillings and I have cavities, will Las Vegas Nevada medicaid cover this? READ MORE

I Live in North Carolina. I Am on Medicaid. I Have Had Illnesses That Cause my Teeth to Deteriate?

I need two veneers at the top...replacement of a brige on lower left and one on the teeth whitening .if you send me an email i will send... READ MORE

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