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ThermiTight is a non-surgical, minimally invasive skin tightening treatment that uses a tiny probe to deliver radio frequency energy just beneath the surface of the skin. It's primarily used to tighten sagging skin on the face, but it can also be used on the neck, tummy, breasts, and thighs.

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Can't Wait to See!

I had spoken to several people about a fix for my neck/jawline. Told kybella would require several treatments and would not do the trick. Same with cool sculpting. Definitely needed the fat removal that light but would give but I already knew I would be dealing with loose skin. So a doctor I... READ MORE

44 Years Old, Thermitight with Lipo of the Neck

I've been bothered for years by the profile of my neck. I inherited my neckline from my dad, who has a beard to cover his (not exactly an option for me). Plus, I've gained and lost weight over the years, which hasn't helped. The esthetician who does my Botox told me about ThermiTight. No one... READ MORE

Yesterday Had ThermiTight

Great day, no pain, not much swelling :)) My legs are elevated above heart. I'm wearing compression hoses 40 mmhg and Ace Bandage on arms, this helps with swelling. Went on a walk, I'll have to skip the gym for a few days. My procedure cost $4,800 for arms, knees and above knees. The $500 is... READ MORE

Thermi Left of Face and Neck Disaster

This procedure that was done to me on Feb1, was supposed to be an enhancement to my life, but instead was a total disaster. On or about 2 1/2 months after procedure, I have had major facial deterioration with skin blisters, open pours, skin burns, facial and neck inflammation. I have been short... READ MORE

Yesterday Had ThermiTight

Great day, no pain, not much swelling :)) My legs are elevated above heart. I'm wearing compression hoses 40 mmhg and Ace Bandage on arms, this helps with swelling. Went on a walk, I'll have to skip the gym for a few days. My procedure cost $4,800 for arms, knees and above knees. The $500 is... READ MORE

Thermitight and Lipo for Abs - Webster, TX

About to do Lipo and thermitight for abs and possibly chest area this week. Not a whole lot of before and after so I would like to add content and feedback on the procedures through the healing process so others will know what to expect and see if this is a viable option to tighten abdominal... READ MORE

54 Years Old With Beginnings of a Turkey Waddle - Agoura Hills, CA

II have intentionally left my doctors name off this post as I am giving her the opportunity to do the right thing and admit this procedure did not improve my appearance but instead has made it much, much worse. I was so optimistic about Thermitite and wanted it to be the miraculous tightening... READ MORE

Scheduled for Tomorrow! - San Francisco, CA

Hello All, I'm a 52-year-old female and am scheduled for a ThermiTight procedure tomorrow morning for my neck and jowls. I'm extremely nervous. I've been prescribed Xanax though I can't take them until the morning - I'd like to take them now, and then again in the morning! Originally I was... READ MORE

53 - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I wanted to refine my jaw line as I had lost some shape over time, my neck was not much of a concern. I am now almost 8 weeks post procedure and I see some improvement in the jawline but I still have a "fat" pocket under my chin which I did not have pre procedure. At my 6 week check my Dr. felt... READ MORE

ThermiTight for my 54 Year Old Saggy Neck. Success! - Munster, IN

I've used Botox for years to eliminate the lines on my face. As my face pretty much stayed smooth, my neck and jawline were another story. I couldn't stand the crepe neck and the sagging that ensued. ThermiTight was the perfect choice for me. I did a lot of research about the procedure and... READ MORE

ThermiRF on my Neck/lower Jawline Area - Celebration, FL

I am scheduled for ThermiRF this coming Thursday, August 10, with Dr. Roxanne L. Sylora in Celebration, FL. There aren't too many reviews on the procedure, but what little I have heard sounds promising. Ever since I hit the mid forty's, I noticed changes in my neck. The skin started to lose... READ MORE

Thermitight RF on Abdomin - Brookline, MA

So I've lived on Real Self for at least 5 years, really wanting to get my boobs done but decided my stomach bothered me more and possibly less expensive to fix, not sure yet though. So, I had 2 procedures done yesterday by Dr. Leonard Miller in Brookline MA. I'm quite thin and didn't qualify for... READ MORE

ThermiTight and Lipo under chin Boston, Ma

So after much concern and research over the neck and the "waddle" I've gone for it ! I tell you wearing a scarf no matter how hot it is is not fun However taking it off and becoming self conscious is less fun ! Thank you to you All for your generous caring & sharing ! I hope to do the same... READ MORE

59 Yrs Old Need Neck and Arm Lift. - Sherman Oaks, CA

I have consulted with Dr. Zadeh for Ultheraphy and Thermitight. Pictures speak for themselves. I will have Thermitight procedure done in a couple of weeks as it seems a better option for me. and I will continue to post results and pictures as time goes by. Soooo looking forward to have this done... READ MORE

Fairly Happy - Layton, UT

1st...Dr. Bitner is awesome (just sweet & simple). He did a submental liposuction and ThermiTight and Laser resurfacing on face. While permanent results get better with time...I'm happy with the results so far. He and his staff know their stuff! Thank you Doc...! 1st...Dr. Bitner is... READ MORE

Ready for a Refresh Look with Thermi Tight - Winter Park, FL

53 years old female- Finally, after a long research I'm going to have the Thermi tight in 2 days. Wepaaaaa, I know it is going to be a positive experience with positive result in Jesus name, Amen. I really appreciate all the reviews posted, they help me to select a competent doctor....... READ MORE

My Experience with Thermitight. Houston, TX

I had a previous review on this procedure but I deleted it. I thought i would do a review now that I am a year out from the procedure. The consultation with Dr. Rodriguez was great. He's very informative and he takes his time with the consultation…. I did not feel rushed or feel like he had s... READ MORE

ThermiTight on my Jowls and Neck - Winter Park, FL

I had ThermiTight after researching a non invasive way to improve my jowls and neck. I know its not a facelift but it was certainly an improvement. The down time was minimal. I had the procedure on a Friday and was back to work on Monday. I have posted some pictures that I took along the way and... READ MORE

Thermitight Nightmare! - Worcester, MA

I was promised that the appearance of my neck could be fixed (after thyroid removal destroyed the appearance of my neck) using thermitight. Well, the procedure didn't work and the doctor even did it twice. The second time, the probe was so hot, that my outer skin was burned and had blisters.... READ MORE

54 Year Old. I Always Hated my Profile - Martinsburg, WV

I always thought I needed a nose job but realized I had a very small chin and no real jawline. As I aged it got worse and always bothered me. After years of doing research my Doctor suggested neck lipo and Thermitight. Price was reasonable, there wasn't much downtime and pain seemed low so I... READ MORE

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