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How Long Will the Pain Last from Tooth Whitening?

I had the procedure done this morning at 11am and I am in the worst pain I have ever been in. I read one comment from a patient who experienced pain... READ MORE

I used Crest 3D white strips and now my teeth are very sensitive. Any idea how long it'll last?

I just used crest 3D whitestrips (Intense Professional Effects) for the first time, and my bottom teeth have been killing! It's a terrible pain and... READ MORE

I used crest white strips and now my teeth are in excruciating pain. What can I do?

My teeth kill after using crest white strips and I will never use them again the labeling never mentioned anything about the pain I'm in ughh I took... READ MORE

Can a Home Tooth Whitening Kit Hurt Gums?

How often should whitening be done? 3-4 times a year? READ MORE

What is going on with Philips Zoom's Daywhite teeth-whitening formula? Excruciatingly painful; not the same as Discus Daywhite.

I've been happily using Discus Daywhite 9.5 teeth whitening gel for many years. It was mildly uncomfortable but not painful and I easily finished the... READ MORE

I'm in pain after whitening my teeth at home. Is it dangerous? Any suggestions?

I whitend my teeth at home for the first time yesterday. Now I'm so terrified!! I've been having pains in my mouth all day, so I decided to take a... READ MORE

I have pain in teeth that I used whitening gel on. It is almost constant.

How long will the sensitivity remain? I have tried ibuprofen periodically but mostly the sensitivity remains. It has been two weeks since I did the... READ MORE

Question About 9% Hydrogen Peroxid Zoom! Philips Daywhite?

I have been using this product (bleaching cases + gel) for a couple of days for 30 minutes just before bedtime and i can already see great results.... READ MORE

How Can I Whiten my Teeth Without Hurting my Gums?

2 months ago i went to the clinic to whiten my teeth. The doctor has already made a mold for my teeth & about 20 minutes to the start of the... READ MORE

Why did I experiece such SEVERE pain with Kor whitening?

Dr. Kurthy,I was extremely excited to use the Kor whitening system. I am a coffee, tea, and wine drinker so my teeth do have some staining. I followed... READ MORE

Whitening Toothpaste and Sensitivity?

I used a whitening toothpaste on a Friday night, one of those newer versions. Felt immediate pain across a couple of teeth. Now it is Tuesday night... READ MORE

Serious gum & tooth pain 5 days after whitening treatment?

I used a Crest White Strip 5 days ago. I have been in the worst pain everyday since. I don't have sensitive teeth. I have used these strips probably... READ MORE

Is it normal to have extreme pain at start of teeth whitening treatment?

I have quite sensitive teeth. I cannot do the at home whitening strip treatments for the recommended time (30 mins) as my teeth hurt about 10 mins... READ MORE

My girlfriend had lasersmile tooth whitening in Thailand. She has constant pain 72 hours later in tooth\gum. What can she do?

She is on paracetamol , it is affecting her sleep and the pain is constant, I am worried about permanent damage, is there anything we can do? She did... READ MORE

I was an idiot and had BleachBright done at tanning place. Severe nerve pain 3 weeks out. Help?

At first we thought I was grinding causing pain got sensitivity issue to cold and heat, pain shooting into right cheek. Remembered whitening so... READ MORE

In-office Venus, Pola, Opalescence, and Sapphire: which will whiten teeth the most/least? How does the pain compare? (Photo)

Barrage of questions ahead: Will all 4 other options make my teeth as white as Zoom? Zoom isn't an option (logistics, money, etc) and I desperately... READ MORE

Pain during/after internal bleaching (for 2 days)

I am getting some sore pain in my front teeth which has been treated with internal(walking) bleaching after root canal therapy. My dentist has assured... READ MORE

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