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TCA Chemical Peel Safe for Under Eye Use?

I would like to do something to get rid of fine lines under my eyes. I have done an at-home 20% TCA peel on my entire face before, but I avoided the... READ MORE

How Long Until Spots Left from TCA Peel Fade?

After the peel it became black and peeled off, but now it has left spots under eye. How long will these last? I had it from professional kosmoderma a... READ MORE

Is 10 Percent TCA Peel Effective for Dark Circles?

I want to do TCA peel (10%) to get lighter skin, but on the contrary I have heard it causes hyperpigmentation? So should I use it to lighten dark... READ MORE

Will a TCA Peel Under the Eyes Help with Small Syringomas?

I just started to develop syringomas underneath my eyes, I have been using retin-a to help prevent/slow them down, but they continue to grow at a... READ MORE

My Tca Didnt Frost Will It Work

I've done a tca below my eyes with a 25%, it didnt frost but i kept it on for about a minute ,it did burn but not too bad..its day 3 and my under... READ MORE

TCA Under Eye Peel-What Percentage?

I am interested in getting an under eye TCA peel by a dermatologist or PS. At 37years old, I have crepe paper wrinkles under my eyes that have been... READ MORE

What is the best way to recover from damaging 21% TCA Peel? (photo)

I am a 38 year old male of East Indian origin with Type IV skin. I applied a 21% TCA peel under my eyes 9 days ago to remove micro-wrinkles and dark... READ MORE

Chemical Peel On Lower Eyes to Tighten Up the Lax Skin?

Hi there, i want to do a chemical peel on my lower eyes to tighten up the lax skin around the eyelids, id like to know how this process works and what... READ MORE

TCA Peel Strength to Use on Scars and Under Eye?

I have 3 small areas I want to peel and I plan on using TCA Peel. Area 1 is an old burn scar. Area 2 is under my right eye, which is ... READ MORE

Will TCA Fix Purple Leathery Skin Under Eye with Unnatural Texture?

I have purplish leathery skin around the inside of my eyes and the texture along the path seems uneven as if healed wrong. The skin seems dull. It... READ MORE

TCA Peel for Creases on Sides of Under Eyes?

Can a TCA peel do anything for creases on the side of under eye areas from sleeping on my side (caused by gravity and sagging skin)? Thanks. READ MORE

Facial Area to Avoid in Using TCA Peel?

I am debating trying an at-home TCA Chemical peel to eliminate fine lines and give a "boost" to my skin. I am 39 years old. I don't want to... READ MORE

Can 20% TCA Shrink Skin Around the Eyes After 2 or 3 Layers, Equal to That of a Laser?

Can 20% TCA shrink skin under eyes with one or more layers, like laser skin shrinking, as i cant afford erbium laser treatment and a chemical pell... READ MORE

Help for Fine Lines Under Eyes After Tca Peel

I had a dermatologist do and 8% tca peel under my eyes for hyperpigmentation. She did 3 passes which caused a small round raised scar and also I see a... READ MORE

Can Differin Make Hypo-pigmentation Worse?

Hi I had a 8% tca peel done under my eye by a dermatologist who went to aggressive and caused more hyper-pigmentation and now hypo-pigmentation. I... READ MORE

Hypo Pigmentation After Tca Peel?

I got hypo-pigmentation lines under my eye after a tca peel one year ago done by a dermatologist. It seems like some developed 10 months after the... READ MORE

Indented Scar After Tca Peel Under Eye?

I had a 6% tca peel done by a dermatologist under my eyes for hyper-pigmentation. The doctor did 3 passes using a q-tip and then dabbed one freckle... READ MORE

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