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Was the 50% TCA Chemical Peel Too Strong?

I am about to turn 40, and a friend insisted that she could take nearly 10 years off of my face through a 50% TCA Chemical Peel. Everything seemed... READ MORE

Swelling and Blisters After TCA Chemical Peel

I have a tremendous amount of swelling from a medium chemical TCA Chemical Peel about 48 hours ago. White blisters have also started to appear on my... READ MORE

Severe Burns and Blisters After 50% TCA Peel

A family member did a 50% TCA Peel spot treatment on me (I have Indian skin), and after 7 weeks, and my face looks like the picture. My skin broke out... READ MORE

How Long Does Swelling Usually Last After a TCA Peel?

How long will it take before the severe swelling subsides after my TCA? I have extremely tight skin, severe swelling, and a brown mask effect where... READ MORE

Uneveness After TCA Peel

I had a TCA medium plus facial peel almost two months ago. When the new skin showed, I was happy with the result. But since then I am developing... READ MORE

How long does redness last after a medium-depth chemical peel? (Photo)

I got a 30% TCA peel that was layered twice. My cheeks and nose area swelled a little for a few days, then it went down. Today is the 8th day. I have... READ MORE

After 35% TCA Peel, my skin turned dark brown. Is this normal?

Wilst on holiday the day before my return home i decided to have tca 35% on some sun spot on my face , on few hours after the application my skin turn... READ MORE

Pain and swelling after 60% tca peel? (photo)

I used tca 70% for scars on whole forearm. I may painted layers back and forth with a brush. stung 20 minutes. was told didn't need to neutraluze as... READ MORE

Chemical Peel 1 year after Rhinoplasty, swelling still around my nose. Is this change permanent.

After I had a rhinoplasty, I loved the shape of my new nose. However since I had a medium chemical peel (Tca laser precisely) I have swelling around... READ MORE

Can you go to the tanning salon after getting a chemical peel?

I live in Asia & am home for 2 weeks. Want to get my legs tan while in the U.S. I got a mild/med TCA peel & after I washed it my face was very... READ MORE

Swollen Face After Tca Peel, Is It Normal?

I had a 12.5% TCA peel done on my face 2 days ago and now my face (especially around my eyes)is completely swollen. WIll this go away? what can i do... READ MORE

After TCA 30% Chemical Peels, skin experienced horrible swelling. Have I permanently damaged my skin?

I was taking 10,000 IU of vitamin A derived from cod liver oil for a few months prior to having 2 TCA chemical peels a year for the past 4 years as... READ MORE

Follow up to my previous question: Please Help! the Second TCA 20% Gone Wrong?

Hi , sorry to message you even you don't know me but I really need some advice about TCA peel… I had the second TCA 20% on 19th night, I left it on f... READ MORE

Face/Neck Lift - TCA Peel and Fat Transfer?

Asian Male darker skin. 16 days ago -Performed by a well known Surgeon with very good reviews Everything was done the same day. TCA Peel ( 25% - 3... READ MORE

Burn after 35% TCA peel. Skin color and texture changed. It's still red after 2 months. (Photo)

I previously had tca peels with no results and no complications even. This time I tried 35% tca patch test near eyebrow. But immediately after... READ MORE

I'm Gin from the Philippines! I had TCA 30% yesterday but it started swelling and itchy after few hours. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had TCA peel 30% solutions yesterday around 3pm Philippines time and after few hours the itchiness and swelling occured. Should I be worried? Do I... READ MORE

What is this discoloration under my left eye, after having a xanthelasma burned off two months ago?(photo)

Two months ago a flat, yellowish xanthelasma was peeled off under my eye, by a tca peel. Post peel, the area swelled up immensely and became bright... READ MORE

Skin is swelling, smooth to touch and turned dark brown 2 days after my peel, with no peeling - normal? (Photo)

I am a brown skin African American & I did a 25% tca peel I have done lower dosage peels before but this time i decided to go higher b/c of my... READ MORE

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