Stretch Marks + TCA Peel

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Cost of Laser or TCA Peel for Stretchmarks?

How much are the costs of Laser or TCA Peel treatment on stretchmarks on calves & inner thighs? READ MORE

For An African American Woman With Stretch Marks, Will TCA Peels Work?

TCA Peels for Stretchmarks and Other Markings...African American Girl. READ MORE

TCA Chemical Peel 2 Days Ago On Stomach For Stretch Marks? (photo)

2 days ago i did a 50% TCA peel on my stomach stretch marks. I have done peels in the past with great results. Right now the majority of my stomach is... READ MORE

Is 30% TCA Peel Safe for African American Skin?

I would like to use the 30% TCA peel for my stretch marks that appear lighter than my skin tone. I am a dark skinned African American. Will this be... READ MORE

I Have African American Skin and I Wanted to Know What % of TCA I Should Use and How Should I Prep my Skin? (photo)

Im an african american female and I've had stretch marks since I was in elem school on my arms, stomach, back n chest. Im now 20 and really self... READ MORE

I made a HUGE mistake of doing a 50 percent TCA peel at home on my stretch marks. Is this discoloration a scar?

Hello, I made a HUGE mistake of doing a 50 percent TCA peel at home on my stretch marks on my stomach it peeled fine with no signs of infection but... READ MORE

I can feel my stretch marks! Will a TCA peel or retinoid cream help? Laser?

I was on Lupron for about 12 months, before that I was on Depot Provera for 3 years and I gained 60 lbs over the course of these treatments. ): I... READ MORE

I used a tca peel to remove white stretch marks on my hips. It's sore, red and itchy. How can I treat it?

I used the pre prep and neutralizer afterward.its been 7 days and very sore,red,and itchy.I have been using neosporin at least 5 times a day until it... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Get a 12.5% TCA Near the Genitals?

I have a couple stretch marks near my genitals and was hoping to diminish the looks of them by using a 12.5% TCA peel. Would that be dangerous, or... READ MORE

How can I treat a severe chemical peel burn on my arm? (photo)

I have very light stretchmarks on my arm, but not light enough that they are not recognizable. I decided to do a at home chemical peel to try to... READ MORE

I did a TCA peel on my thigh to get rid of many stretch marks. Now I have a huge purple blotch. Is this normal? (photos)

I used a 25% TCA peel, I've used this before on my skin and it has worked perfectly until now. Day one is when the blotches started from where the... READ MORE

Strong Tca Peel/derma Rolling/retin-a Help Rebuild Stretchmarks?

Won't years of tca peels and derma rolling and retin-a help rebuild streth marks after they have turned white? The tca will peel the dermis will shed,... READ MORE

Will the Brownish Skin Go Away After TCA Peel On My Stomach?

I used tca peel on my stomach (stretch marks) and its brown and looks rusty..this is my second day and no peeling yet. Will this go away?? I heard I... READ MORE

How often can I use a 30% TCA peel on lower abdomen for stretch marks?

I used a 12.5% TCA peel followed by 30% three weeks later. Neither have frosted and/or peeled. I want to continue, however. How long should I wait in... READ MORE

Damaged skin chemical burn hyperpigmentation & stretch marks! (Photo)

I am extremely depressed at the moment. I noticed I had some stretch marks on my inner arm so decided to do a Tca chemical peel and use Retin a and... READ MORE

First TCA Peel, Wondering What to Expect Post Peel?

Just finished my first TCA peel, I diluted it to somewhere in the 30-35% range. Having only done glycolic acid peels before. Now, I have red marks... READ MORE

Is there a minimum age you should be before performing a TCA peel?

I am a 14 year old male with stretch marks on my upper thighs. Am I too young to perform a TCA peel? READ MORE

TCA peel on my legs (Photo)

Hi, i did a tca peel on mi leg, for strech marks, and it have been almost two week and i doest peel but the skin look wrinkle, i dont know what to do... READ MORE

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