Knees + TCA Peel

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Using 50% TCA PEEL on knees?

I recently ordered a 50% tca peel online & this will be my first time using a strong tca peel. I know I have to be very careful with it and follow... READ MORE

Psoriasis Risk After TCA Face Peel?

I have Psoriasis on my knees, elbows and little on calves and forearms. Can I do a TCA peel on face? Will psoriasis spread to my face after the peel?... READ MORE

TCA 30% Chemical peel on knees. Hyperpigmentation? (Photo)

Had a chemical peel about 3 months ago and I believe I left it on for too long (did procedure at home). My skin now has hyperpigmentation and I'm not... READ MORE

TCA 50% Peel Gone Wrong! Burn! Any suggestions? (photos)

I used this TCA 50% peel to help with hyperpigmentation on my knees and elbows. I started on my left knee with a cotton ball. It was on for about less... READ MORE

Can you help me get rid of this? Is there anything that can make it go away? Do I need to see a doctor? Is it permanent? (Photo)

So my knees are dark I want to get a something that peels off ur dark skin so I got the TCA 100% I use it then when I was done putting it on my skin I... READ MORE

80% chemical peel on dark knees (Photos)

Obviously I didn't do enough research before doing this.. I had very dark knees which hydroquinon wouldn't remove.. It's been 6days and my knee looks... READ MORE

Can I do a chemical peel on my entire body?

I suffered some skin rushes when I was a bit younger and these with the sunn have left my skin tone. I am brown skin but areas around my knees,elbows... READ MORE

25% TCA chemical burn treatment, is there anything I can do to treat this? (photos)

I ordered the 'Skin Obsession 25% TCA Chemical Peel for Home Use' online from Amazon back in April in an effort to lighten my knees for a wedding in... READ MORE

25% TCA peel on knuckles: after 5 days they where nice. After 3 weeks they went 10× darker. (Photos)

What can I do? please help. I have light skin but my knuckles elbows and knees are darker. I tried 25% tca peel to get them even. After 4 days my... READ MORE

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