3 Days Post-op + TCA Peel

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My Tca Didnt Frost Will It Work

I've done a tca below my eyes with a 25%, it didnt frost but i kept it on for about a minute ,it did burn but not too bad..its day 3 and my under... READ MORE

Light Brown Spots During TCA Peel. Did I over Peel? (photo)

I did a 2 layer 12.5 and I'm on day 3 now. I have tiny light spots on the dark patch where I put the peel on. It isn't flaking, but is very tight and... READ MORE

Tca Peel 3 Days Ago Today I Am Swollen with Crusting and Weeping? (photo)

This large sore has developed today 3days after a tca peel, the peel was done in a reputable salon. It is crusting and weeping and quite swollen, why... READ MORE

Asian, thin, damaged skin: is my skin permanently damaged/discolored from TCA 30%? (Photos)

My face was applied with TCA 30%, it wasn't neutralized 'cause I was told that TCA neutralizes on its own. However, after about 3 minutes, it was... READ MORE

Results and recovery time after 25% spot peeling of acne scars?

I used 25 % TCA peel 3 days back. The scabs were formed in few hours. Almost all scabs have fallen off. But the places were scabs were present are... READ MORE

I had rhinoplasty four months ago and had a TCA chemical peel three days ago. My nose is not peeling. What can I do? (Photo)

My face is peeling normally but my nose has bright red blotches that I can't hide with make-up. I fear my new nose has been damaged permanently. What... READ MORE

Will my skin get better? (Photo)

I performed a TCA 25% peel on my skin three days ago and now my skin is pink. I wanted to treat my acne scars and dark spots but they're still there.... READ MORE

Is the Very Red Raw Skin Normal for Newly Peeled Skin After TCA Peel? (photo)

I had a 30 TCA peel Sat. Mon, peeling started around the nose/mouth. Using cream w/ peptides & emu oil, SPF45, aquaphor & neosporin. Doing... READ MORE

TCA Peeling on Underam Caused Small Water Blisters, Normal?

Hi, I had small water blisters on my armpits after my TCA peeling 3 days ago. Not really sure if this is normal and what should I do. I'm not sure... READ MORE

30% Tca on Face Now Freakles Turned Darker and Brown?

I had a 30% TCA on my face 3 days ago. Immediately when I started it burnt and the frosted. However my freakles appeared more apparent than not doing... READ MORE

Follow up to my previous question: Please Help! the Second TCA 20% Gone Wrong?

Hi , sorry to message you even you don't know me but I really need some advice about TCA peel… I had the second TCA 20% on 19th night, I left it on f... READ MORE

Brown area after TCA 30% chemical peel. Is this PIH? (Photo)

HELP !! I purchased a tca peel (30%) from the states and tried to test a area .. unfortunatly i tried it on my (cleavage) and its now the 3rd day and... READ MORE

Miliria crystallina while peeling. Will it cause any problems? (Photo)

I am onmy 3rd day of yellow peeling and after 5 hours i finally took a bath. I iced my skin, washed with running water, baby soap & physiogel. I... READ MORE

15% TCA underarm burn? Or not? (Photo)

Did some peel 3 days ago and i think it was a mistake that i went aggressive. Ive been using 15%tca peel for more than 5x and decided to apply a total... READ MORE

TCA peel 35% four DAYS LATER A PATCH IS STILL MOIST AND WHITE IN COLOR. is this normal? should i do anything for it?

TCA peel 35% THREE DAYS LATER A PATCH IS STILL MOIST AND WHITE IN COLOR. Is it infected? the first day woke up with dry crusted yellow fliud just in... READ MORE

Is it normal to see sebum on skin after a TCA 25% chemical peel? (photos)

Just 3 days ago, I did a TCA peel at home. A patch of dead skin fell off and under it there was a clear liquid on the new skin. I'm afraid that this... READ MORE

I got Atca 15 % peel 3 days ago At a spot. Is this from TCA Peel? (photo)

I would like to know if this is scarring form TCA PEEL because on a part of is browinsh red The whole patch around it peeled leaving white skin only... READ MORE

Why isn't it peeling yet after 3 days doing chemical peel?

I did a 20% TCA chemical peel 3 days ago and its not peeling yet except a tiny bit under the area of lips. There's only a slight tightness and it's... READ MORE

TCA hydroquinone and recorcinal peel 3 days ago - Pulled off peeling skin: Will it scar? (Photo)

HI , I got a pca hydroquinone and recorcinal peel 3 days ago and a part of my skin was coming off yesterday so I pulled it off and my skin was very... READ MORE

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