3 Days Post-op + TCA Peel

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My Tca Didnt Frost Will It Work

I've done a tca below my eyes with a 25%, it didnt frost but i kept it on for about a minute ,it did burn but not too bad..its day 3 and my under... READ MORE

Light Brown Spots During TCA Peel. Did I over Peel? (photo)

I did a 2 layer 12.5 and I'm on day 3 now. I have tiny light spots on the dark patch where I put the peel on. It isn't flaking, but is very tight and... READ MORE

Tca Peel 3 Days Ago Today I Am Swollen with Crusting and Weeping? (photo)

This large sore has developed today 3days after a tca peel, the peel was done in a reputable salon. It is crusting and weeping and quite swollen, why... READ MORE

Asian, thin, damaged skin: is my skin permanently damaged/discolored from TCA 30%? (Photos)

My face was applied with TCA 30%, it wasn't neutralized 'cause I was told that TCA neutralizes on its own. However, after about 3 minutes, it was... READ MORE

Results and recovery time after 25% spot peeling of acne scars?

I used 25 % TCA peel 3 days back. The scabs were formed in few hours. Almost all scabs have fallen off. But the places were scabs were present are... READ MORE

I had rhinoplasty four months ago and had a TCA chemical peel three days ago. My nose is not peeling. What can I do? (Photo)

My face is peeling normally but my nose has bright red blotches that I can't hide with make-up. I fear my new nose has been damaged permanently. What... READ MORE

Will my skin get better? (Photo)

I performed a TCA 25% peel on my skin three days ago and now my skin is pink. I wanted to treat my acne scars and dark spots but they're still there.... READ MORE

Is the Very Red Raw Skin Normal for Newly Peeled Skin After TCA Peel? (photo)

I had a 30 TCA peel Sat. Mon, peeling started around the nose/mouth. Using cream w/ peptides & emu oil, SPF45, aquaphor & neosporin. Doing... READ MORE

TCA Peeling on Underam Caused Small Water Blisters, Normal?

Hi, I had small water blisters on my armpits after my TCA peeling 3 days ago. Not really sure if this is normal and what should I do. I'm not sure... READ MORE

30% Tca on Face Now Freakles Turned Darker and Brown?

I had a 30% TCA on my face 3 days ago. Immediately when I started it burnt and the frosted. However my freakles appeared more apparent than not doing... READ MORE

Follow up to my previous question: Please Help! the Second TCA 20% Gone Wrong?

Hi , sorry to message you even you don't know me but I really need some advice about TCA peel… I had the second TCA 20% on 19th night, I left it on f... READ MORE

Brown area after TCA 30% chemical peel. Is this PIH? (Photo)

HELP !! I purchased a tca peel (30%) from the states and tried to test a area .. unfortunatly i tried it on my (cleavage) and its now the 3rd day and... READ MORE

Miliria crystallina while peeling. Will it cause any problems? (Photo)

I am onmy 3rd day of yellow peeling and after 5 hours i finally took a bath. I iced my skin, washed with running water, baby soap & physiogel. I... READ MORE

TCA peel 35% four DAYS LATER A PATCH IS STILL MOIST AND WHITE IN COLOR. is this normal? should i do anything for it?

TCA peel 35% THREE DAYS LATER A PATCH IS STILL MOIST AND WHITE IN COLOR. Is it infected? the first day woke up with dry crusted yellow fliud just in... READ MORE

15% TCA underarm burn? Or not? (Photo)

Did some peel 3 days ago and i think it was a mistake that i went aggressive. Ive been using 15%tca peel for more than 5x and decided to apply a total... READ MORE

TCA hydroquinone and recorcinal peel 3 days ago - Pulled off peeling skin: Will it scar? (Photo)

HI , I got a pca hydroquinone and recorcinal peel 3 days ago and a part of my skin was coming off yesterday so I pulled it off and my skin was very... READ MORE

Why isn't it peeling yet after 3 days doing chemical peel?

I did a 20% TCA chemical peel 3 days ago and its not peeling yet except a tiny bit under the area of lips. There's only a slight tightness and it's... READ MORE

Is it normal to see sebum on skin after a TCA 25% chemical peel? (photos)

Just 3 days ago, I did a TCA peel at home. A patch of dead skin fell off and under it there was a clear liquid on the new skin. I'm afraid that this... READ MORE

I got Atca 15 % peel 3 days ago At a spot. Is this from TCA Peel? (photo)

I would like to know if this is scarring form TCA PEEL because on a part of is browinsh red The whole patch around it peeled leaving white skin only... READ MORE

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