Swelling + Tattoo Removal

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Can I exercise after Tattoo removal?

Hello, Its been exactly 7 days after 1st treatment. The swelling has gone done. (on my hip & upper back below neck) blisters are gone as well. Its now... READ MORE

Is Swelling Normal After Laser Tattoo Removal?

Is it normal to be swollen after a laser tattoo removal session? If so, how long will it last? READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal 4th Appt? (photo)

This week I had my 4th appointment and noticed that the practitioner finished quicker than normal. The immediate redness and swelling was not... READ MORE

Having Third Eyebrow Tattoo removal Treatment. Noticing Swelling Post-Op, Is This Damaging My Eyes?

And after each treatment my eyes get swelling too much during two days, my concern is if it could affect my eyes in the future time?(they protect my... READ MORE

1 week in and this is currently my leg, I'm worried it's infected. What should I do? (Photo)

There is a lot of puss and bleeding from around the area, my leg is swollen and is also very red and it is now painful to walk , the women seems to... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal? (photo)

Had a tattoo gone terribly wrong and done under a month ago. Going for my first laser treatment in 7 days. Some general ?s..are there any advantages... READ MORE

What is the bump between my back dimples?

Between my back dimples I have a swelling/bump its painless but I do occasionally suffer with low back pain and sciatica. It seems to have got... READ MORE

Allergic reaction after laser treatment: I have had 3 sessions on a black and red tattoo. Am I allergic to tattoo ink now?

1st session was fine only worked the black ink The 2nd and 3rd I did the red ink.1 week after my 2nd and 3rd treatment I broke out in hives all over... READ MORE

I'm worried about tattoo removal healing with Revlite laser. Is this normal?

The test patch on the black one was fine. following the treatment, the red one blistered and swelled quite badly and is now scabby. The black one... READ MORE

2nd session of laser tattoo removal, bleeding and swelling? (Photos)

Hi, I had my second session of laser tattoo removal on Thursday and it was nothing like the first. The practitioner advised she had turned the... READ MORE

Hives after Q switched laser tattoo removal session. Any suggestions?

I had a tattoo removal session with a q switched laser 8 weeks ago. 6 weeks ago I developed hives/swelling in lips and eyes lids and was put on... READ MORE

Removal of a previously lasered and covered-up tattoo. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi. I originally had a red and green tattoo with a black outline. I began laser in 2007 and completed around 8 treatments through the years with... READ MORE

Why has half of the area blistered 1 week after laser tattoo removal treatment? (photos)

Had 1st session 1 week ago. Got white frosting & pin prick bleeding & swelling. 3 days ago it started itching like mad. Woke up scratching. Now taking... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal Q Switched Laser Tattoo Removal on both arms. Little to no results, HELP! (photos)

Recently I went to get my tattoos lightened so they can get re-worked and redone. My first appointment was on 8/19/15 and I had my second appointment... READ MORE

Is swelling after laser tattoo removal normal?

I had my first session of laser tattoo removal 2 days ago on my chest, and now I have a swollen spot between my breasts. Is this normal? READ MORE

Post Tattoo Removal Treatment. Is this "normal"?

I have had three tattoo removal sessions in 6 week intervals. The first two were performed by the same person, they went relatively fast giving two... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal, 14 Days Post 1st Treatment and Have Pain, Swelling, Leaking?

I had a laser tattoo removal 14 days ago, with the Alma laser system. I have had pain, swelling, leaking fluid for the entire time. I went to my... READ MORE

Hives after laser tattoo treatment?

I had a tattoo removal session with a q switched laser 6 weeks ago. 5 weeks ago I developed hives/swelling in lips and eyes lids and was put on... READ MORE

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