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I Have a 12' Red, Green & Black Half Sleeve Looking to Remove What Are the Realistic Expectations? (photo)

I have a consulation to remove my tattoo coming iup. It is a professionally done half sleeve. It consists of light to dark red roses, emerald green to... READ MORE

Can my Tattoo Be Removed? (photo)

My tattoo is 4 months old and has lots of white some yellow and red I'm worried these colours won't remove well. Can my skin ever look like it used to... READ MORE

No frosting at all after laser treatment. Will I still get some fading?

I have just had my second laser treatment, the first time it frosted & went white, this time i had no frosting at all just red pinpoint bruising, will... READ MORE

2 weeks after tattoo removal and some lines and features of tattoo are risen and red. It's also extremely itchy! Is this normal?

I had my first session of tattoo removal done 2 week ago. I'm getting 2 removed. Both have been healing really well until a few days ago when the... READ MORE

Skin is Redish/purplish After Laser Tattoo Treatment?

I have had 7 laser treatments for tattoo removal. After treatment number 3 back in Sept of 2011, my skin became redish/purplish. The clinic giving me... READ MORE

Will It Be Hard to Remove my Black and Red Roses and Writing on Lower Arm...super Depressed?

I start laser removal in april because tattoos are new...the laser is a spectra vrm iii and my tattoo wraps around my arm almost sleeve red black... READ MORE

Is this tattoo removal scarring? (photo)

I had one treatment of tattoo removal and now that the scabs are coming off my skin is "shiny" and lighter colored. Is this scarring? Red areas turned... READ MORE

Laser tattoo removal 5 weeks ago - will it finally heal ? (photos)

It turned red so I went to see a doctor and he told me it looked like an infection, so he gave me medication for it, but nothing changed. Last week, I... READ MORE

I have a Tattoo on my left shoulder its in red, yellow and orange, can I ever get rid of this? (photo)

Can I ever get rid of red? Which laser is best suited for the removal of red ? I have brown skin (Indian) would the hinder the effectiveness of laser... READ MORE

Severely red and bloody after medlite laser on brow tattoos. Will this be permanent? (Photo)

I went to a highly renown clinic and the tech has had over 20 years experience. She's one of the best in her field. I've had tattoo removal before... READ MORE

My Lasered Red Ink is rough and thick, will it be normal again? (photo)

12 Days ago i got my Red ink lasered for the first time, with a Revlite 532 wavelengh and 1,8 joule. the healing procedure was like everytime, the... READ MORE

Can the red pigment from eyebrows be removed? (photos)

I have have 3 laser treatments to remove my eyebrow tattoo. ALL THE BROWN is gone. Now my eye brows are RED! Is there anything that can get the red... READ MORE

After 4 sessions of laser tattoo removal--Candela ND Yag. (photos)

I had 4 session of laser tattoo removal and on my last session the tattoo is looking swollen, red and very sore. The last session was done 9 weeks ago... READ MORE

Red dots after tattoo removal. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had my first tattoo removal session a few days ago and I'm wondering if I'm healing properly. I have had no blisters yet and very minimal scabbing.... READ MORE

What is the best tattoo for removing the black/red/pink tattoo I have on my forearm? (photo)

I originally thought the best route to go would be the AlexELETE laser by Candela because I read that it does not cause scabbing between treatments.... READ MORE

Will eyebrow tattoo removal leave my skin red where the tattoo was? Can an eyebrow tattoo be lightened?

I had my eyebrows tattood in dec 2014 they were suppose to be brown instead they are cold black. I have light brown hair and they look awful. one is... READ MORE

What can i do to protect and clean it?

This is my third session on the tatto removal. After 24hours i started getting blisters and its red. What i can i do to take care of it and make sure... READ MORE

How Safe is Excision Tattoo Removal on Foot?

My tattoo is on my inner foot under that 'bone bump', it's multi-colored: 1 red and 2 yellow sunflowers with brown centers, green flowers and outlined... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal, Black Red Ink Half Sleeve? (photo)

Hi, I have this full sleeve but half of it I am not happy with and want to no if its possible to remove, if not fully would it be possible to fade and... READ MORE

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