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Is Purple a Difficult Ink Color to Remove with the Laser Tattoo Removal?

I'm currently undergoing laser tattoo removal treatments to get rid of a tattoo I got 10 years ago. I've only been in for one session so far... READ MORE

I had a test spot done on a colored tattoo. If there is Oxidation, could it be lightened with treatments? (photos)

I had a test spot done on a larger, colored tattoo. I've gone to several consultations, and everyone says I should not have a problem getting rid of... READ MORE

Skin is Redish/purplish After Laser Tattoo Treatment?

I have had 7 laser treatments for tattoo removal. After treatment number 3 back in Sept of 2011, my skin became redish/purplish. The clinic giving me... READ MORE

Are some tattoos not removable? I'm a 35 year old female, non smoker. Just finished my 10th laser removal session.

I just finished my 10th session of laser removal with the Quanta Q C Plus Laser. It is absolutely lightened but it is just not as "removed" as I was... READ MORE

Can my new tattoo be removed completely or will there be scarring leftover?

I recently got tattooed, I do like it however it never turned out exactly the way I had hoped and would like it to be removed. Its very dark, mostly... READ MORE

I regret my large colorful tattoo on my chest. Can it be removed?

I had a tattoo but I am regretting it so much I am in constant mental pain and physical pain. I can't focus, I can't keep a conversation without... READ MORE

What are the alternative treatment to remove tattoos?

Hi, I live in South africa. I have a purple and black tattoo I need to remove. I have been for 5 laser treatments so far but hoped for better results.... READ MORE

Am I worrying for nothing?

I have a consultation the removal of my 1/4 sleeve tattoo. They said theyll use the picosure on most of it to at least get rid of most of the color.... READ MORE

Is my tattoo too large/dark to be removed completely? (photos)

My tattoo is roughly 15x10" a little more than quarter sleeve and is done in black and an awful shade of purple I'm just wondering if it can be... READ MORE

Can this tattoo be fully removed? What's the cost? How many procedures? (Photo)

I just got this tattoo a couple days ago and I already regret it. How long should I wait before treatment? The black line are thin and would i be able... READ MORE

What would it take to either remove my tattoo or lighten it enough to cover? (Photo)

The tattoo is deep. I can feel the black outline with my fingers. It has purple and orange mixed into the flower with black and white shading for the... READ MORE

I am trying to join the Army and I need the tattoo on my neck removed, it's large and in color.

What is the best way to remove this tattoo, how many treatments would it take? READ MORE

Pink purple black fresh tattoo - likelihood of full removal? (Photo)

Hello. I am freaking out. I had this done yesterday and this is way too big and not what I asked. I would like to know what is the likelihood of... READ MORE

I need to know if I can do specific areas for ink removal. (photos)

What can I do to start removing this pinkish purple that looks like a burn! I just wanna cover my arm up it's too much . READ MORE

Is it possible to remove a fullsleeve in color? (photos)

The tattoo is 1 year old, the lower part of the arm is only 6 weeks old, it goes around the whole arm, parts of it is free from colour. There are... READ MORE

Can this water color medium-sized tattoo be removed? (photo)

I just got this tattoo and am very disappointed with the result. I can't imagine living the rest of my life with it so I'm considering a laser removal... READ MORE

Tattoo regret, please help me. I want to be clear? Mixed blue and purple inks with black shadow (Photo)

A month ago I did a tattoo.In fact, the tattoo artist and has performed very poorly. artist mixed blue and purple inks.And then pulled the shade with... READ MORE

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