Ears + Tattoo Removal

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Quick and Easy Tattoo Removal

I am looking for a a quick and easy way to remove my tattoos. I have two quarter sized tattoos behind my ears. I have gone over all options and as I... READ MORE

TCA Tattoo Removal Behind the Ear

I have a tattoo of about 10 small black stars behind my ear and I want to remove it. I'm looking into TCA but I'm wondering if it's safe... READ MORE

How Long Before Tattoo Behind the Ear Can Be Removed?

I got a tattoo behind my ear yesterday and I would like to have it removed asap. How long should I wait before having it removed? READ MORE

Which laser tattoo removal system is fastest and the most effective to remove a tattoo?

I need to get this tattoo removed as soon as possible. The tattoo is behind my ear. Its a small word but the black ink is very bold and dark. READ MORE

Will excision work on my neck / behind my ear as this skin is quite taut?

I have a small tattoo behind my ear which I want removed for work purposes. It is two music notes, the larger of the two is 1cmx1cm. I understand that... READ MORE

The best way to speed up laser tattoo removal?

I have a small all black tattoo behind my ear. I got a job offer that does not allow me to keep it there and I have 2 months left to remove it... READ MORE

Is surgical excision the right choice for my tattoo removal?

I have a small tattoo.. About 1inchx1inch right behind my ear. It is black ink. I want it removed ASAP and I am wondering if excision is my best bet... READ MORE

I have a tattoo behind my ear I need to remove. I've had 4 removal laser sessions but I don't see a difference in the tattoo.

I have a tatt behind my ear I need removed Ive had 4 laser sessions and it doesn't appear to be fading is there anything else I can do? I was told it... READ MORE

Is there any places in Connecticut that will do Surgery for a Tattoo Excision for a reasonable price ? (photos)

I have a small tattoo behind my ear I need removed to join the army the tattoo removal I e been doing has had minimal progress. READ MORE

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