Blister + Tattoo Removal

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What is the Best Way to Care for Blisters from Tattoo Removal?

Is there a particular cleaning regimen you recommend after the blisters pop, or a certain cream that should be applied to the area? READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal Blistering Getting Worse? (photo)

I'm currently having a large tribal tattoo removed I've had 5 sessions so far (split design into 3, so 2 sections have now had 2 sessions) The area... READ MORE

Burnt by laser Tattoo removal: Is this normal? (Photo)

Last year I started laser tattoo removal, was very painful and got burnt. The clinic said that it was normal to have alot of blisters after treatment.... READ MORE

I was told my the laser tattoo removal clinic that every time I have a treatment, the laser will be more intense, Is it true?

I'm on my third treatment. I didn't have much in the way of skin changes the first two times, but the third time I blistered pretty intensely. The... READ MORE

Is no blistering/scanning/peeling after laser tattoo normal?

I just had my first treatment on a tattoo that's primarily shading and black lines. I was expecting to have scabbing and bleeding but after being just... READ MORE

Can I exercise after Tattoo removal?

Hello, Its been exactly 7 days after 1st treatment. The swelling has gone done. (on my hip & upper back below neck) blisters are gone as well. Its now... READ MORE

Is my tattoo removal scarring? (photos)

I had my third laser tattoo removal treatment 4 weeks ago and it blistered and scabbed much more than previously. I have tried to keep it dry and not... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal No Blisters.. 5 Days & Counting

After the removal, felt a bit of "burn" so to speak for the following two-three days.. Till now.. No blisters.. So I highly doubt any scabs are going... READ MORE

Is it normal not to have blister and scabing after laser removal session?

I already have two laser session but in both time i didn't get blister or scabing?is it normal or laser not working at all?thanks READ MORE

I have had tattoo laser removal 2 days ago and heard that it always results in blistering. Any suggestions?

However, although the area is swollen it hasnt blistered or scabbed at all and I am a bit concerned about this as constantly read how after laser... READ MORE

Should I have another laser tattoo removal session done after having an infection last time?

I had my first laser tattoo removal session done and got a blister, which I picked and it became infected. I had an antibiotic drip. Should I have a... READ MORE

Is It Normal for the Lasered Area Not to Blister and Still Look Bruised 5 Weeks After my First Session?

So it has been 5 weeks since my first tattoo removal session and i haven't experienced any blistering and the area still looks bruised and is a sort... READ MORE

Abnormal healing after last tattoo removal session, will it heal?

I have removed my tattoo now 8x, everything was fine but last time there was not a blister but wierd formation of white looking thing. Well, it poped... READ MORE

Why do I get blisters one week after the laser tattoo removal session?

I started my half sleeve tattoo removal last year, using a q-switched laser. The first two sessions were great - almost no blisters, and great fading.... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal Blisters? (photo)

When I take the initial bandage off I can't wash my tattoo because it pulls some blisers off too and when water hits it, it burns like no other. Does... READ MORE

Tattoo removal not working (photo)

I have had 26 sessions of laser tattoo removal and it hasn't gone and blood blisters everytime. Is there any other option? Will laser ever work... READ MORE

Leg Ankle Tattoo Removal Laser Treatment-big Watery Blister, Should I Pop Blister?

I had a ankle leg tattoo removal laser treatment in the morning. When I got home in the evening I remove the bandage I found a big large blister on it... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal Area Looks Light After a Week? (photo)

I had my 1st tattoo removal done 1 week ago on my arm. I have black skin. The colours of the tattoo are red, black and green. The area was covered in... READ MORE

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