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Best Procedure to Tighten Loose Skin on Upper Thighs?

I am a 30yr old, active mother of a 4 yr old. I only gained about 30 lbs during pregnancy and bounced back to pre-baby weight pretty quickly. The... READ MORE

I have loose and hanging skin after weight lost. What treatment would you recommend?

I am 55 and work out hard trying to build in the thigh are and lower but area. And all I see is loose enter thigh and lower but skin hanging. am I... READ MORE

Options for Sagging Skin on Buttocks?

How do I tighten sagging skin behind the lower end of my behind? I am 54 years old and the area around the upper back of my thighs like the lower... READ MORE

Surgery for Excess Skin after Male Weight Loss

What Surgery Best Fits my Situation?  21 year old male, current weight:205.Lost 75 pounds. Problem areas: excess skin/fat on stomach,lower... READ MORE

Skin Tightening Treatments for the Buttocks?

Are there any treatments for skin tightening of the buttocks?  I'd really like to find a procedure that will help me firm up my rear end! Thx :) READ MORE

Why do I have these extra "rolls" on my buttocks? Is it sagging skin? I'm 37 and have had 1 child. Noticing more lately. (Photo)

I think I've always had a little bit of this extra "shape", but I am noticing it more lately. I'm a 5'7, 122lbs, 37 year-old female who had a child... READ MORE

Cost of Butt Tightening?

I am not overweight but need tightening. Cost of a but Tightening and the Skin Underneath It ? READ MORE

What treatments would work to tighten, to some noticeable degree the inner thighs, lower butt, upper arms and stomach?

After extreme weight loss the skin left behind is saggy, jiggly, exceeded excessive and sun texture is dry and dimply. Muscular tone is lose and lacks... READ MORE

I really need some solid answers. What is the best treatment for tightening skin on thighs and butt, including cellulite?

I am considering Pellefirm, but also Ultherapy and recently Forma Plus. I want to choose the right thing, but there is just so much info out there and... READ MORE

Loss of elasticity in lower buttocks. What would you suggest?

I have found as I have got older I now have loose skin on my lower buttocks, I have tried lase and other types op treatment, they have helped but have... READ MORE

Can skin tightening procedures reduce and possibly even eliminate the appearance of cellulite?

I lost about 60 pounds 17 years ago, and also had liposuction about five years after my weight loss, to get rid of areas of fat that were not... READ MORE

I am 47 and am aging with every pound I shed, as my skin is simply not bouncing back.

Where do I begin? I definitely don't want to do any sort of procedure until I finish losing the rest of my weight, but I would like to know what my... READ MORE

What would you recommend for non surgical tightening of loose saggy butt?

I am looking into a non-surgical tightening for my butt-am terrified of surgery and the long down time as well as scars-I am 64 y/o female. READ MORE

Looking to Remove Flabby Skin from Arms, Around Waist, Butt, Back, Stomach, Whats the Risks & COST? (photo)

I'm 26 yr old w/ 2 kids & always been "thick" @ 14yrs i weighed 220lbs, growing up I've lost weight and ALWAYS had FLABBY SKIN. I currently lost... READ MORE

What's my best option for skin tightening on thighs/under butt?

I had liposuction on my inner and outer thighs 4 years ago. It was about a liter off each leg. I am 37 years old. I have some uneven areas below my... READ MORE

I have totally lost my shape. Just a lot of sagging skin especially butt and stomach. What can I do?

Have lost 60 pounds quickly -a lot of sagging skin -thighs, knees, arms and gross butt and gross stomach.I didn't try to lose this weight. Was 220 lbs... READ MORE

When to get surgery after losing 145+ lbs for loose skin? (Photo)

I have went from 331.6 to 186 lbs and have loose skin on my thighs, buttocks, and stomach. The most is my stomach and that's what bothers me the most.... READ MORE

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