Skin Rejuvenation Videos

Laser Options for Removing Stretch Marks from the Skin

Doctor George Hruza discusses Stretch Marks Treatment. He explains how they are a thin form of scar tissue and the laser options available for treating stretch marks. VIEW NOW

CoolSculpting Expectations and Post-Procedural Concerns

Dr. Adam Lowenstein explains the process of CoolSculpting with each targeted applicator and what a patient can expect days and weeks post-procedure. VIEW NOW

Canthoplasty Corrects Droopy Eyes

Canthoplasty is an option to consumers looking to widen the lids around the eye or reduce a sagging outer eye or lid that may have given the appearance of being tired or added years to the face. VIEW NOW

Under Eye Puffiness: Causes and Removal

Dr. Amiya Prasad details the anatomy and cause behind puffy eye bags, why topical treatments don't address the internal fat that causes them, and a surgical technique that can remove them permanently, leaving no visible signs of surgery. VIEW NOW

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Botox Preparation and Injection Technique

Dr. Michelle Copeland explains how she prepares the Botox solution as well as her personal technique for injecting specific areas of the patients' face for tightening and smoothing. VIEW NOW

Fillers Can Correct Fine Lines Around the Mouth

Dr. Richard Brown talks about which fillers can be used to address the fine lines around the mouth. VIEW NOW

Facelift Before and After Photos

Dr. Scott Thompson shares before and after photos of several facelift patients to exemplify the improvements made in the tightness of their cheeks, eyelids, and necks post-surgery. VIEW NOW

3 Must Have Cosmeceutical Products for Healthy Skin

Dr. Jaqueline Calkin shares some must have cosmeceutical products for your skin regime that will help your skin and keep you looking your best at any age. VIEW NOW

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Cellulaze Laser Treatment Can Rid Patients of Cellulite

Dr. Dustin Reid from Restora Austin explains the process of Cellulaze for eliminating pesky cellulite. VIEW NOW


Under Eye Bags and Hollows May Require Bone Treatment

Dr. Bryan Mendelson explains that while injections of fat and fillers into the face may help to soften a person's appearance, often times an older patient may actually need treatment of a shrinking cheek bone. VIEW NOW


Sculptra Injectable Volumizer

Doctor Matthew Schulman discusses Sculptra. VIEW NOW


Looking Tired? Start With Basic Skincare

Dr. Anthony Youn advises consumers to begin with proper skincare before considering more invasive approaches. VIEW NOW


Facial Procedures and Treatments To Reverse Aging

Dr. Michele Shermak explains several options available to achieve facial rejuvenation, including injectable fillers for mild adjustments or more invasive procedures, which produce more drastic results. VIEW NOW

Radiofrequency Treatments as a Non-Invasive Alternative to Botox

Injectibles such as Botox and Dysport, which work to paralyze certain facial muscle groups to combat wrinkling, are still very popular, but what options are available to individuals who are wary of injecting their face? VIEW NOW

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How to Choose a Fellowship Trained Mohs Surgeon

Doctor Shawn Allen discusses the criteria important for choosing a doctor is has been formerly trained in Mohs Surgery. VIEW NOW