Skin Rejuvenation Videos

The Art of Mohs Surgery on Facial Features

Doctor Shawn Allen discusses treatment options for reconstructing parts of the face after Skin Cancer. He discusses the medical background necessary and also the art that goes into achieving the best cosmetic outcome. VIEW NOW

What are the Best Anti-Aging Treatments?

Dr. Sally Booth shares the best anti-aging treatments. VIEW NOW

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Full Facial Rejuvenation

Doctor William Alison discusses full facial rejuvenation. VIEW NOW

Eyelid Surgery or Fillers To Correct Lower Eye Bags?

Dr. Amiya Prasad details how the severity of puffy eye bags can be self assessed to determine whether they can be camouflaged with fillers or if they should be permanently removed with a lower eyelid blepharoplasty. VIEW NOW

How to Decide Between Non-Surgical and Surgical Procedures for Facial Rejuvination?

Dr. Robert Kraft discusses how to decide between non-surgical and surgical procedures for facial rejuvenation. VIEW NOW

What Does a Forehead Lift Entail?

Dr. Richard Brown discusses what is involved in a forehead lift, including two different approaches and when and why each would be used. VIEW NOW

Facelift Candidates: Men and Women

Who is the ideal facelift candidate? Dr. Susan Vasko explains what she looks for in a patient interested in a facelift, whether it is a man or a woman. VIEW NOW

Is Better Skin Care All You Need?

Well cared for skin can make all the difference as you age. Here are some tips from Gretta Handley, Patient Care Manager at Davis Plastic Surgery, on how to keep your skin happy and healthy before you consider plastic surgery. VIEW NOW

Looking Refreshed Without Looking “Overdone”

Dr. Elizabeth Callahan discusses how to look refreshed without looking "overdone." VIEW NOW

Is Injecting Fillers Using a Needle or Cannula More Effective?

Dr. Arthur Handal explains the differences patients can expect when their surgeon chooses to use either a needle or a cannula to inject facial fillers. VIEW NOW

Plastic Surgery Facial Rejuvenation

Doctor Michael Yates discusses facial rejuvenation. VIEW NOW

Non-Invasive Facelifts Are Treated as a Restorative Process

Dr. Arthur Handal discusses how injectable fillers can be used to restore a patient's youth. VIEW NOW

What does Surface Radiation Therapy Feel Like?

Dr. Robert Beer describes what Surface Radiation Therapy feels like. VIEW NOW