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When using melarase AM and melarase PM for lightening the pubic area and inner thighs, should one shave the area before?

Or is that not safe? Will hair in the area make it harder to lighten area. I am female, and have darker skin in this area due to friction I'm guessing... READ MORE

I Shaved my Armpits when I Was in High School. It's Still Dark After All These Years Why?

I'm Asian and now 28 years old. High school was ages ago. Why are my underarms still hyperpigmented? I used hydroquinone solution back in college... READ MORE

How can I lighten the skin under my chin back to the same color as the rest of my face?

I'm a 23 year old African American female and I've been growing hair under my chin for quite some time. Te hair grows thick and I'm pretty sure it's... READ MORE

I've been shaving my upper lip for years. I'm 21, and over time it has started to look darker. What can I do? (Photo)

Okay so I shaved my upper lip since I can remember 13 or 14 and now I'm 21 , over time it has look darker and I just hate hiding my face ; also couple... READ MORE

Green Upper Lip?

I started shaving my upper lip when i was young and now I have an embarrassing green shadow! Why does this happen and how can I remove it? READ MORE

Which treatment would help to lighten and even the skin on my neck from shaving?

I am African-American I had joined the military and during initial training I started shaving my neck for the first time and for three months I shave... READ MORE

What can i use to lighten the skin in my bikini line?

Over the years shaving my pubic area has caused my inner thighs and bikini line to get darker. is there anything safe that i can use to lighten it. READ MORE

Darkness because of friction and shaving. Do I need to treat it or will it go away on its own?

1-I have darkness between my breasts and private area and inner thighs since I'm overweight and it causes friction, I'm currently losing weight will... READ MORE

What can be done to lighten under the arms, between the legs, anus and vaginal area most likely due to shaving?

Does skin bleaching really work? If so, what brand would be recommended? Is there a laser treatment for this? If so, on average how many treatments... READ MORE

Weird discoloration on legs from shaving dry. (photo)

A couple of years ago I had shaved my legs dry, they started out in a rash and overtime they now have this weird white/red discoloration. I was... READ MORE

Dark Underarms.

I used to have white underarms. Recently they are getting darker, even though I rarely shave. Would you please let me know, How I can completely get... READ MORE

How to deal with extreme darkened armpit? (photos)

I'm an Asian girl in my middle 20s and I have a problem with my armpit. I used to shave frequently when I was in junior high school. I did the shaving... READ MORE

My underarm is dark and has bumps and black spots. It hurts after shave and can be itchy sometimes. What can I use to clear it?

It started after I first used a shaving blade other than the usual shaving cream. But I've long gone back to shaving creams and nothing has changed.... READ MORE

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