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Procedures for Dark Elbows and Knees?

For years I've had to embarassingly deal with dark elbows and knees. I've scrubbed for a while and used lightening skin cream, and they've worked to a... READ MORE

What is the best bleaching/whitening cream to use on legs and underarm? (Photo)

I never shows my legs, ever I have bad bite scars and black looking rings around every scar/bite I also have really dark knees, elbows, underarms… e... READ MORE

I'm Asian. Can I get lighter skin? (Photo)

I am Asian and I want to look Caucasian. I really want lighter skin. My face is light but my neck, lower arms, knees stomach are really dark. I want... READ MORE

What's the best treatement for skin lightening?

Pls i really need a skin lightening cream. i want my color to be like that of rihanna and i want to lighten the world of my body without having... READ MORE

What can I do for dark spots on my legs.

If I'm going to start the Melarase creams on my face, can I still use the same creams on my legs for dark spots and insect bites below the knees. READ MORE

What Can I Do About These Dark Pigmented Knees

I have had this issue with my knees for the past 6months its become dry and darker then the rest of my body. I'm very fair skin African American... READ MORE

What treatments will get rid of the dark pigment in my laugh lines?

I'm 29 and have always had prominent laugh lines. I'm Hispanic and my knees, elbows, knuckles, and any fold/joint is darker than the rest of my skin.... READ MORE

How do I lighten the skin on my legs?

I tried many of the home remedies but didn't get any output. Please help me... also my knees are very dark... READ MORE

What can I do about my dark knee skin?

My knees skin darker than my body skin. I have tried alto of lighten cream, but I didn't have a good result. I even tried lemon but it still the same.... READ MORE

Treatment Options to Lighten Dark Brown Scar on the Knee?

Good day! I'm a female, Asian. with a fair complexion. I got it when i was 12y/o, and now I'm 22, i cant wear shorts and skirt because my scar... READ MORE

Treatment for Dark Knees on Wheatish Skin?

Dear Doctor, I have wheatish complexion but have very dark knees which look very bad and I am unable to wear skirts because of that. Please recommend... READ MORE

I've had dark knees. Has knee lightening ruined my skin forever? (photo)

I came across a skin lightening cream that have Kojic acid as one of its main ingredients. I'm a little worried because, I've been using this... READ MORE

How can I get rid of ugly dark joints permanently and easily. Is there any laser treatment to cure this?

I always had ugly dark joints, even though I moisturize daily, my skin is dry and the wrinkles in my joints are just deep and easy to spot, 2-5 shades... READ MORE

i lightened my knees with a Kojic acid cream. Surrounding area too light now! What can I do? (Photo)

My problem is in the process of lightening my knees the cream also got around the surrounding area. No burning! - Which I should have avoided! Now... READ MORE

How do I treat dark skin on my knees? (photos)

I have had dark knees since giving birth 3 years ago. My dermatologist prescribed amonium lactate. When this didn't work, i was switched to Urea cream... READ MORE

Do I have vitiligo? (Photo)

Two years ago, I noticed a couple of white spots on my buttocks and left knee. My aunt and mom both have a white spot each so I didn't think about it.... READ MORE

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