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How to Lighten Skin on Bikini and Groin Area?

I'm a 23-year-old Latina woman of light complexion. Is there a reason and a solution for having a darker skin tone in my bikini and groin area? I... READ MORE

I have a very dark underarm and groin area: PCOD. 36 year old Asian Indian. Is there any treatment for this?

Very dark Underarm and groin area: PCOD. 36 year old Asian Indian My periods are regular now without oral contraceptives used to regularize them. Am... READ MORE

Whitening dark armpits and groins, what do you suggest?

I am a fair by nature but my armpits and groins are dark. Tried many remedies didn't work. What would you suggest for whitening/lightening of these... READ MORE

What can I do about dark discoloration on my inner thighs/groin area? What causes it?

I've been overweight most of my life and have always had big thighs (I still do now). I have always chaffed and sweated really bad down there because... READ MORE

What would you suggest for a cream to lighten groin area? (photos)

I am a 26 years old male. My groin area has turned dark due to jock itch, can u pl. Suggest a cream to whiten the skin READ MORE

What can be a better way to lighten dark inner thighs and groins?

I used to have small brown patches on my groins that's why i opted to used bleaching cream and kojic acid soap. Unfortunately, it had a bad reaction... READ MORE

Suggestions for dark groin area?

I am 21 old year woman. I have normal skin. My body skin color is fair. my problem is my groin area is dark. I had faced fungus infection problem once... READ MORE

How to whiten dark groin and inner thigh and the butt gluteal area? Am light or fair skinned Asian Filipina? (Photos)

Dark skin started when I was still a child age 10. Am 56 years old now (present photo). It was the time there was an outbreak of scabbies brought... READ MORE

What can improve the discoloration/pigmentation in my groin area?

What can improve the discoloration/pigmentation in my groin area? I don't have an inner thigh gap, is it because of the friction? READ MORE

What I have to do to make it heal and the darker skin gone?

I used bleaching cream 4 in 1 in my groin area. And now I have a darker skin color that looks like a map and red patches all over it. Its tender to touch. READ MORE

What's the best treatments for dark spots in the face, dark under eye and dark groins?

I wanted to know the best treatments for them please. Thank you READ MORE

What type of skin treatment should I seek for dark groin area?

I am a Caucasian female in my early 20's who has had "post inflammatory hyperpigmentation" in the groin/upper inner thigh area. I have had this since... READ MORE

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