1 Month Post-op + Sinus Surgery

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Is It Normal to Still Have a Lot of Pain and Inflimation a Month After Sinus Septum Surgury?

I had sinus septum surgury 4 weeks ago. I had this surgury because of chronic facial pain and migranes. Dr said all tissue is healing great. However,... READ MORE

Had Sinus Surgery a Little over 4 Weeks Ago. Why Do I Still Have a Lot of Dissolvable Packing in my Sinus Cavities?

Sinus surgery 4 weeks ago. Dissolvable packing is decaying, terrible smell with nausea. Started irrigation per physician instructions. Why is it still... READ MORE

Why I do I still have pain in my sinuses 5 weeks after FESS surgery?

After suffering from chronic sinusitis I had FESS surgery. The doctor said all 4 sinuses were diseased, they opened up all the sinuses and removed... READ MORE

Recently had sinus surgery on March 12. Tip is asymmetrical and one nostril is larger than the other (Photo)

Will i need to have a revision to have the nostril corrected and columnella straighten? The nasal tip was raised and the deviated septum was... READ MORE

I Recently Had Sinus Surgery, What's the Difference Between Crusting and Scabbing?

I recently learned of the empty nose syndrome and I'm so scared. I did have turbinate reduction and it appears that I am getting to much air. Is this... READ MORE

Post sinus problems?

I need help I had fess and a sphnoidotpny and balloon sinusplasty 4.5 weeks ago! I have an infection now as my head is pulsating I have awful... READ MORE

Is it useful to take antibiotics 5 weeks after sinus surgery?

Hello. it has been 5 weeks since I had sinus operation and I don't feel much better. crustings in my nose nearly healed. if I take antibiotic, will it... READ MORE

How long after endoscopic sinus surgery and sinuplasty (septum), should I STILL get nosebleeds while doing bends or exercise?

So, I'm incredibly frustrated. I had sinus surgery this past December 19th to remove some polyps, fix a deviated septum (septoplasty) , drain fluid... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a low-grade fever for 1-month post sinus surgery?

Sinus surgery 3/17/17. Low-grade fever since then.  READ MORE

1 mo ago had my sinuses cleaned out via balloon sinuplasty. The procedure went fine except I've had ringing in my ears since.

I noticed it immediately the first night I tried to sleep after having the procedure done. The ringing in my ears makes it hard to sleep at night. READ MORE

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