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Is It Safe and Common to Use Silikon 1000 As a Filler for the Nose? (photo)

Hello there. I have a consultation with my surgeon this Thursday for rhinoplasty. I've been told before that I have a low radix and and a minor... READ MORE

Can Silikon 1000 Be Removed if Injections Were Done Less Than 6 Month Ago? (photo)

Can silikon 1000 be removed if injections were done less than 6 months ago? i found a couple of doctors that specialize in the removal of injected... READ MORE

Silikon 1000 Good for Volume for Asian Nose and Face?

I'm asian 37yo Indonesian/Indian/chinese/dutch. I exercise 3/4 aweek. I am unhappy with my face/my nose. My face/my nose always bother me. My face has... READ MORE

Is Silikon 1000 Safe to Raise the Nose Bridge?

I did some research and have mixed answers , some say its safe some say its dangerous. i am very unhappy with my nose and i really hope to get some... READ MORE

Does Silikon 1000 Produce Natural-looking Effects for the Nose?

How long does it take for silikon 1000 to begin working? READ MORE

I Had Silikon Injected in my Nose?

I had silikone injected in my nose 2 months ago and i look like a clown , i want my nose like before, without surgery, anything that can do the... READ MORE

Is Silikon 1000 a safer permanent filler compared to artefill?

I'm seeking a permanent non-surgical nose job filler. However after reading many reviews on artefill, it seems like granulomas are common. A few... READ MORE

What Part of the Nose is Silikon 1000 Appropriate to Use?

Can dermatologists inject Silikon 1000 in the nose? READ MORE

May I Get Kenalog Injection for Silikon 1000 Even with a Silicone Implant in my Nose?

Good afternoon, Doctors. So i had a rhinoplasty with a silicone implant. I got silikon 1000 injected last year in order to achieve a better result.... READ MORE

Permanent Filler in Nose? (photo)

Is silikon 1000 or artefill really a bad idea in the nose?? I've read so many against and just as many supportive articles. what filler will give the... READ MORE

How to reduce volume in nose from Silikon 1000? (Photo)

Wondering if it was possible to reduce volume due to silikon 1000. I had a very sloped nose, which I liked, however, the right side of my nose which... READ MORE

Silikon for nose straightening. Is it SAFE if done right??

Is Silikon safe if done right? The bridge of my nose is a lil crooked from a previous nose job and i was consedring silikon to straighten it out, i... READ MORE

If liquid silikon 1000 injected in nose nasal, can it kill you? (photos)

Can it migrate to your brain and slowly kill you, after 2 yrs READ MORE

I had silikon 1000 injected into my lips, under eyes and nose bridge 3 years ago. What should I do if I have complications?

3 years ago I went 2 a certified plastic surgeon in NJ 2 get silicone 1000 injected in my lips, under eyes, and nose bridge. I have no complications @... READ MORE

Bad Experience with Silikon 1000 in Nose?

A Month and half ago in ha silikon 1000 injected in my nose on the left and rift side of then top but not touching the tip is te worst mistake I ever... READ MORE

Silikon 1000 can be removed with surgical procedure?

I had an rhino 6 years ago and i got silikon injected in my nose two month ago and i want to remove it!!! i know doctors say that it can not be remove... READ MORE

How to REMOVE SILIKON 1000 in Nasal Root Area?

Hello, doctors, i had silikon 1000 injected in my nasal root area and the result was very unpleasant which is a huge lump. I heard about the kenalog... READ MORE

Want Silikon 1000 Injections in Nose. How Do I Know Whether or Not I'll Have an Allergic Reaction?

I want to have silikon 1000 injections in my nose, how do I know if I will have allergic reaction to the silicone? Can I have a test before hand? READ MORE

Do Steroids Shots Damage the Cartilage of an Operated Nose?

I had an open nose job 4 years ago and it was my 3th one one month ago I made a mistake getting silikone 1000 to get more volumen on each sode of the... READ MORE

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