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Silhouette InstaLift uses dissolving sutures to lift sagging skin and decrease deep lines on the neck, jowls, and smile lines. It is typically an in-office procedure performed in under an hour with local anesthesia. Results can be seen quickly, patients can return to their normal routine with 48 hours. Effects last up to 18 months. Alternative treatments include a thread lift or a traditional facelift.

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wow - Albuquerque, NM

Absolutely incredible procedure. I'm 62 and quite experienced with fillers but there was always that area below the cheeks which we couldn't fix before. This procedure is so smooth and literally defied gravity. We did my jowls and smile lines between my nose and lip. It took about 45 minutes and... READ MORE

Silhouette Instalift

As a 54-year-old active woman, I wanted to look ten years younger. Dr. Chu performed a non-surgical procedure called silhouette instalift on my face. After numbing my face, I walked out of his office an hour later without any pain and hardly any bruising. Although no vigourous excerise or... READ MORE

Would not recommend this procedure - Buffalo, NY

I went and got this procedure done yesterday. I'm not sure what to think. I can't really tell if I got good results cause I'm a little swollen, it does look like the jaw line has improved if you look from the side, not much difference head on though.. First the procedure is not painless. It's... READ MORE

No Regrets!!

I am extremely happy with this procedure! I was not in need of a traditional face lift nor did I want one. The Silhouette InstaLift gave me exactly what I was looking for aesthetically. There is practically no down time.........1 to 2 days depending on your comfort level. This is not... READ MORE

Silhouette Instalift - Not What I Was Hoping For.....

I posted on here about this procedure a month or so back. I deleted the post after I went in for a follow-up visit. I had the Silhouette Instalift with Dr. Julius Few in Chicago on October 28, 2016. At the time of the procedure, I scheduled a follow-up appointment for December 9, 2016. It... READ MORE

Silhouette Instalift

I had this procedure done 3 weeks ago by Dr Yael Halaas.... she placed threads along my jawline and upper neck area. The results are undeniable. My jawline is firmer, and the small droop under my chin is much tighter. The results were noticeable right away and I've noticed that three... READ MORE

Silouette Review

No results, and all agree by now there should be something. RN not meticulous. No results. Don't bother. It is vitally important that the sutures be place at the right angles. Without surgical training, this is not possible. I spent $4500 and got nothing for it. Think twice before... READ MORE

58 Year Old...Look 19 Years Younger

My facial skin was dropping. This procedure took years off my face. My cheek bones are lifted. I look and feel so much better. The procedure does not take very long. I felt no pain! Afterwards your face is a little swollen and I had a small bruise but then you start to see the changes, ... READ MORE


Dr. Cho and his staff are very kind and professional. His facial rejuevination outcomes are spectacular. With his expert touch - he achieves realistic results without looking to pulled or tight. This also reduces any extended down time including minimal bruising or pain. I would highly recommend... READ MORE

47 Years Old and Jawline Softening...Instalift Procedure - Scottsdale, AZ

I'm in my late 40's and take good care of my skin and myself. My weight basically hasn't changed since high school (outside of pregnancy), I don't smoke or drink much alcohol, I wear sunblock every day etc. Despite growing up in Phoenix and having fair and freckly skin, my skin overall looks... READ MORE

65-year-old with brand new look over lunchtime.

I am so happy with my Silhouette InstaLift! First of all, I went in over lunchtime and left with visible results. Afterwards I did a little shopping before going back to work. It's now been almost 4 weeks, and I continue to seen incremental tightening on the sides of my face, along my jowl... READ MORE

Face Needed to Be Refreshed a Little Lift

Probably the best procedure out there. The only second of discomfort is the needle used for numbing the area, and that's nothing. The procedure is painless! Minimal bruising, I actually took the entire week off from work but could have gone back the next day. Yes you have to sleep on your back... READ MORE

You Can Ask As Many Questions As You Want at the Consult - Pikesville, MD

I am 67 years, female. I have agonized over deep lip lines and sagging jowls at my mouth for many, many years. When I saw on the website a new procedure called InstaLift, I just knew it was for me. I attended a special event (fabulous gifts) and a free consult. After thorough discussions, with... READ MORE

Instalift with Dr. Elisa Burgess

Dr. Elisa Burgess and her staff are very experienced, professional and helpful. Her facial rejuvenation outcomes are quite amazing. InstaLift is the procedure I went through. InstaLift was easy to handle with very little down time. I was amazed at the results and how easy the procedure was. In... READ MORE

46 Yr Old Mommy of 4 Who Needed a Overhaul! - San Diego, CA

I'm 46 yrs old and noticed my face falling,Awful! I went to Dr.Butterwick and she said I was an excellent candidate for the Silhouette Instalift. Dr.Butterwick, along with Dr's Jones and Wilson,took such good care of me throughout the entire process. Perfection is what Dr.Butterwick strives for... READ MORE

10-12 Hour Workdays, and Always Looked Tired! - Bryn Mawr, PA

Have been seeing Dr. Lee for a few years. After the initial consultation, I knew he was very experienced and really understood what I wanted to accomplish. After my first procedure, I was convinced that he was also very talented, and had an eye for amazing results that were natural and age... READ MORE

Silhouette InstaLift for 46 Years Old with Jowls - New York, NY

I had noticed my lower face sagging over the last year but wasn't ready to do anything surgical. I have had different fillers injected to help lift my cheeks back up to where they once were but nothing has really helped my jowls. I was afraid of putting in too much filler and looking freaky... READ MORE

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