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I Accidentally Pulled out a Suture 5 Days After Septoplasty Surgery

Hello, I had septoplasty surgery on Friday July 8th. I had mucus and blood coming out of my nose for about 3 days and it stopped. Now I have a bunch... READ MORE

Is this a septoplasty incision to worry about? (photos)

I had septoplasty, turbinoplasty and reduction of concha bullosa on Friday. The incision for what I imagine is my septoplasty operation in my nose is... READ MORE

Is this a bad thing? Will i need to get stitches again?

I just got a septoplasty done 5 days ago and i went to go pull some dry blood near the edge of my left nostril and i may have pulled on a suture. The... READ MORE

Missing sutures on columella after 2 days with open Septoplasty/Rhinoplasty. (photos)

I'm really worried that this will create more of a scar. What should I do? READ MORE

Are permanent sutures used in septoplasty behind the nose tip?

I had a septoplasty 6 months ago after an injury (closed septoplasty, no rhinoplasty). In the past week I found what I thought was a pimple or abscess... READ MORE

I pulled a piece of suture out of my nostril, is this an immediate cause for concern?

I had septinoplasty with turbinae reduction 11 days ago. My breathing tubes were removed 4 days ago. I feel almost completely back to normal with a... READ MORE

Is it normal for skin under suture to pucker inside nose after septoplasty? (Photo)

I had a septoplasty and diathermy of my inferior turbinates 11 days ago and since one week post op I have noticed that the stitch just inside my nose... READ MORE

Septoplasty concerns?

I looked into septoplasty and I was a little confused on the whole procedure. I read that some pieces of the septum are removed, but doesnt that mean... READ MORE

What does this mean? Can it be undone? Medial crura on the end of the septum

"The medial crura were telescoped onto the caudal end of the septum to shorten the nose." It says they were held in place with mattress sutures. Can... READ MORE

Extracorporeal septoplasty details?

My doctor performed a extracorporeal septoplasty to gain width in bridge for my rhinoplasty. I cant seem to find much info on this procedure, except... READ MORE

It is 7 Days After my Septoplasty and I Think I Have Accidently Pulled out Internal Sutures?

I have a lot of dried blood up my nose - especially one nostril and could not help but try to pick it off. One large scab seemed to come away and i... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post-op Septoplasty- Internal Suture Pulled? Blood. Scared.

Hello, I was wondering if i could be advised on whether ive done something terribly wrong or not. It's been exactly 3 weeks since my... READ MORE

Have I damaged the sutures by cleaning after my septoplasty too much?

I had a septoplasty/ turbinates reduction surgery 4 days ago, I have a constant irratation at the bottom of the right nostril, I have been using steam... READ MORE

Cauterize nostril suture that won't dissolve following nasal valve repair? Sleep and breathing far, far better before surgery.

6 weeks ago I had closed nasal valve repair for functional purposes. Previous septoplasty 20 years ago, no rhino. Septal cartilage was used.... READ MORE

Septoplasty technique wedge resection/excision?

What is the wedge resection technique of correcting a deviated septum? Does it involve using sutures or making small partial thickness resections of... READ MORE

What are the symptoms associated with when your body rejects dissoluble sutures after a septoplasty, and how do you treat it?

I'm 2 months out from bilateral septoplasty and turbinate reduction, ENT says I'm a surgical success but I'm still in alot of pain. ENT has debrided... READ MORE

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