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Top-Best Septoplasty Surgeons?

After having faith in 2 doctors (plastic surgeon and ENT) who performed a septoplasty to fix my nose (deviated septum/breathing problems), and having... READ MORE

Nasal Perforation Post Septoplasty. Can A Surgeon Close this up?

I had a septoplasty last January 2011 which has left me with a 4mm perforation. The whistling/turbulence is preventing me from being able to relax and... READ MORE

How soon after a Revision Septoplasty can I wear my eye glasses and blow my nose?

I had a revision septoplasty exactly one month ago. About how long should I wait until I can gently blow my nose and wear eyeglasses or sunglasses? READ MORE

Bone cartilage has gone slightly to the same position as before which makes it difficult to breath again. Revision Septoplasty?

I had a septoplasty & turbinate reduction just over a month ago through the NHS & I had a check up after a month to see how it's healing & it seemed I... READ MORE

Waiting Time for 2nd Septoplasty?

I had a septorhinoplasty done 4 months ago, and I know I will need a revision of the septum. The first surgery I had my septum straighten along with... READ MORE

Who's Most Qualified to Fix Nose After Septoplasty?

My nostril is seriously, "deeply hollow" due to an aggressive septoplasty done by an ENT doctor. Too much was taken out! Is it possible... READ MORE

When/what Symptoms Make Revision Septoplasty a Necessity?

Underwent septoplasty (6 months ago), and since it seems I consistently had under eye tension, headache, breathing "imbalance" feeling,... READ MORE

3 weeks post op Septoplasty, I have trouble breathing. Do I need a revision?

I had my 1st septoplasty 5 years ago because I couldn't breathe through my right nostril. I think the doctor overcorrected it because since then I... READ MORE

Bridge Too Low After Septoplasty: Would Rib Graft and Septal Cartilage Work in a Revision?

How do I check if i have septal cartilage left in my nose? My nose was reduced significantly but does that mean the septal cartilage was removed as... READ MORE

Septorhinoplasty Revision Not Right

Hi, I am 6 months post op from septo-rhinoplasty. I had no splint, no cast, no packing, just a dressing. Septum is still deviated, crooked and... READ MORE

Dent on Bridge of Nose After Open Revision Septo-Rhinoplasty

I had an open revision septo-rhinoplasty 8 weeks ago. Over all I am happy with my nose but I have noticed a dent on the top left side of my bridge... READ MORE

Is Significant (And Worsening) Pain Normal One Week After Uneventful Septoplasty and Ethmoidectomy? (photo)

I had a revision septoplasty and ethmoidectomy. Everything went as planned, save for the bruise that appeared across the bridge of my nose and down... READ MORE

Septum moving after septoplasty?

I had Sinus/ Septoplasty/ Turbinates/ and Rhino surgery 5 1/2 weeks ago. I saw my surgeon yesterday and he confirmed that my septum is starting to... READ MORE

Will Septoplasty Help Me? Is There Any Hope for Me?

I have had two nose jobs one big one and one smaller revision. The revision seem to make my nose even more crooked and now its flat on one side. It... READ MORE

Should I Go for a Second Opinion for a Possible Septal Preforation?

I recently had Septoplasty surgery this past June. It all went well and I can breath much better. However in the last 2 weeks I noticed my nose is dry... READ MORE

Do I Need a Revision Septoplasty?

I had a septoplasty about 4 months ago, however i feel that the surgeon has NOT done it sufficiently or the way i would have liked it done since i... READ MORE

Is septoplasty required twice?

I had septoplasty surgery 3 yrs back. But these days i feel that my nose is blocked and have difficulty in breathing often. Do you think i need to... READ MORE

Septoplasty ..swelling?

I had a revision septoplasty done .septum had turned and buckled was done 1 yr ago turbinate work was done and no cosmetic surgery was done ... READ MORE

Dent on Bridge of Nose after Revision Septo Rhinoplasty

I had a open revision septo-rhinoplasty 13 weeks ago & so far I love the overall look of my nose.I can see that there is a slightly visible dent... READ MORE

Hitting Nose a Month After a Septoplasty

I had a septoplasty a month ago. Yesterday, my brother opened a door that I was behind and hit my nose in the direction that I suffered the fracture.... READ MORE

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