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Problems due to septoplasty - when I breathe, it sounds like the left side of my nose is whistling. What should I do?

I had a minor operation because my nose bone deviated a little bit to left after an minor accident so doctor suggested to had septoplasty . But after... READ MORE

Rhino and Septo Plasty and Crackling Sound?

I had a rhino and septo plasty 9 days ago, the cast and splits were removed 2 days ago, i still have swelling, when i lightly touch the side where the... READ MORE

Should I Go for a Second Opinion for a Possible Septal Preforation?

I recently had Septoplasty surgery this past June. It all went well and I can breath much better. However in the last 2 weeks I noticed my nose is dry... READ MORE

Clicking Noise 2 Weeks Post-op Septorhinoplasty

Hello. I am 2 weeks post septorhinoplasty and everything seems to be healing well. However, the other day I noticed when I put a little pressure on... READ MORE

10 weeks post sinus surgery and septoplasty - breathing is noisy. Will the sound go away?

10 weeks ago I underwent septoplasty including turbinate reduction, maxillary and ethmoidecomy. I am on nasal irrigation corticosteroids for... READ MORE

Septoplasty 17 Days Ago?

Hi, I had a septoplasty 17 days ago. From what I understand should have been a pretty minor septoplasty. I do not feel anymore scabbing or soreness... READ MORE

I hear popping and honking sounds from nose. Is this normal after septorhinoplasty?

Everytime I swallow I have a honking sound an loud ear popping sound my husband can even hear the sounds. Is this normal? READ MORE

How many days will it take for the bleeding to stop after septoplasty?

I have undergone septoplasty with spurectomy one week back . And am still experiencing post nasal discharge with blood clots and when am breathing... READ MORE

Still Inflamed and Congested 8 Weeks After Septoplasty and Fess?

Eight weeks ago I underwent septoplasty, fess and turbinoplasty. My recovery has been poor, and I am oral and topical corticosteroids for inflammation... READ MORE

14 days post of septoplasty and the air passing through my nose is so loud and makes a huge whistling sound

14 days post op of my septoplasty and turbinate reduction and the congestion seems to have changed places and moved forward to where my septum is... READ MORE

I am worried I ruined my septoplasty, while kissing a baby I heard a crack and had a slight pain. Advice?

I kissed a baby today and when i kissed her i felt a crack sound on my nose. After that i have slight pain in my nose bridge and in my ex deviated zone READ MORE

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