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How Do I Deal with a Giant Hole Through my Nasal Cartilage (Due to 4 Years of Snorting Drugs Daily)?

Its gotten substantially worse in recent months-I've probably an inch of cartilage left-the damage is worsening rapidly. Only when I TOTALLY cleaned... READ MORE

Can a deviated septum cause a nasal septal perforation?

I have a deviated septum and I also have a hole in the catliage between my nasal cavities. I noticed the hole at the end of my pregnancy I had a lot... READ MORE

Hole in Nasal Passage. Been On Oxygen Therapy for 8 Months? (photo)

I have been on oxygen therpy almost 8 mo. and have a lot of blood and dried out sinuses. I have tried everything even a humidifyer on the concentrater... READ MORE

Septum perforation around 3cm after Septoplasty: What can be done?

Respected doctor, I have a hole in septum because of septoplasty surgery, due to which crusting and blockage of nose hurried me and I frequently drain... READ MORE

Which is Better, Cadaver or Your Own Cartilage for Nasal Repair? Are There Other Options?

My husband had surgery to get a deviated septum corrected and he ended up with a hole in his septum and the tip of his nose collapsed. READ MORE

I had a bilateral turbinate reduction with a Septoplasty. I have a hole in my nose. What treatment would you recommend?

I had a bilateral tubualtant reduction with a septoplastie last yrs then ive developed a hole in my nose that wistles worst when I lie down in peeds... READ MORE

Is there a limit to how many surgeries can be attempted to close a perforated septum?

In April of 2013 I had surgery to fix a deviated septum. A few months later I noticed I had a 5mm perforation in the anterior of my septum. It makes a... READ MORE

Septal perforation after surgery. Should it be fixed for free?

I had a septoplasty to fix a deviated septum in August of 2015. Although I can breathe alittle better, I honestly expected better results and I now... READ MORE

A hole in my septum developed about will it heel itself or do I need to go to the doctors?

It developed about three weeks ago, its not from drug use just from a bad habit of always picking it READ MORE

Septoplasty followed by adhesion now discovered perforation. Any suggestions?

What should I do I had a septopplasty 6 months back after there was adhesions developed. The adhesions was removed soon I discovered there was hole in... READ MORE

I have a severe nasal puncture. How can it be fixed?

The nasal plastician I went to suggested using a pvc to replace the missing septum as its a huge hole, question is what can it lead to if left... READ MORE

How soon after septoplasty, can you get a septal perforation repaired?

I just had my deviated septum and turbinate reduction 2 months ago. Today I went for a post of follow up and he noticed a perforation in my septum. I... READ MORE

I have a hole in my nasal septum

Hole is about 2cm or bit less my gp is an old doctor he tells me nothing can be done the white cartilage line in back of hole never heals ,scabs aches... READ MORE

Will a septoplasty fill the crater forming in the tip of my nose from deviation? (photo)

Will a septoplasty fill the crater forming in the tip of my nose from deviation? It is a hole that appeared to me in the last 2 years which seems to... READ MORE

Septoplasty stitches have not healed properly. 2 weeks post-op.

I had the inside of my nose put straight, I think the name of procedure is a septoplasty. Now I can see little holes on the inside of my nose from... READ MORE

Nasal Septal Perforation- surgery success rate with a 5mm hole, due to excessive picking.

It’s embarrassing &upsetting to accept.Everyday I’m reminded of what I’ve done & cant help but cry. It’s uncomfortable,whistles & causes ... READ MORE

What is best treatment for me now? Large septal perforation after septoplasty, too large for septal button. I'm really worried

I had a septoplasty done in October 2013 then had to go back in November 2013 to have crusting removed , the consultant found large perforation near... READ MORE

Holes in after nose job?

I had a septoplasty done about 5 days ago. The surgeon straighten my nose, shaved down the bump and fixed the tip. He said the tip of my nose was so... READ MORE

Septum gone - Over the years the hole got bigger and bigger until it's all but gone.

I had a small hole in my septum 25 years ago. I saw an ENT when it first happened but life got in the way and I never went back. Now I'm afraid... READ MORE

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