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How Do I Deal with a Giant Hole Through my Nasal Cartilage (Due to 4 Years of Snorting Drugs Daily)?

Its gotten substantially worse in recent months-I've probably an inch of cartilage left-the damage is worsening rapidly. Only when I TOTALLY cleaned... READ MORE

Hole in Nasal Passage. Been On Oxygen Therapy for 8 Months? (photo)

I have been on oxygen therpy almost 8 mo. and have a lot of blood and dried out sinuses. I have tried everything even a humidifyer on the concentrater... READ MORE

Can a deviated septum cause a nasal septal perforation?

I have a deviated septum and I also have a hole in the catliage between my nasal cavities. I noticed the hole at the end of my pregnancy I had a lot... READ MORE

Which is Better, Cadaver or Your Own Cartilage for Nasal Repair? Are There Other Options?

My husband had surgery to get a deviated septum corrected and he ended up with a hole in his septum and the tip of his nose collapsed. READ MORE

Septum perforation around 3cm after Septoplasty: What can be done?

Respected doctor, I have a hole in septum because of septoplasty surgery, due to which crusting and blockage of nose hurried me and I frequently drain... READ MORE

I had a bilateral turbinate reduction with a Septoplasty. I have a hole in my nose. What treatment would you recommend?

I had a bilateral tubualtant reduction with a septoplastie last yrs then ive developed a hole in my nose that wistles worst when I lie down in peeds... READ MORE

A hole in my septum developed about will it heel itself or do I need to go to the doctors?

It developed about three weeks ago, its not from drug use just from a bad habit of always picking it READ MORE

Is there a limit to how many surgeries can be attempted to close a perforated septum?

In April of 2013 I had surgery to fix a deviated septum. A few months later I noticed I had a 5mm perforation in the anterior of my septum. It makes a... READ MORE

Septoplasty followed by adhesion now discovered perforation. Any suggestions?

What should I do I had a septopplasty 6 months back after there was adhesions developed. The adhesions was removed soon I discovered there was hole in... READ MORE

I have a severe nasal puncture. How can it be fixed?

The nasal plastician I went to suggested using a pvc to replace the missing septum as its a huge hole, question is what can it lead to if left... READ MORE

Septal perforation after surgery. Should it be fixed for free?

I had a septoplasty to fix a deviated septum in August of 2015. Although I can breathe alittle better, I honestly expected better results and I now... READ MORE

What is best treatment for me now? Large septal perforation after septoplasty, too large for septal button. I'm really worried

I had a septoplasty done in October 2013 then had to go back in November 2013 to have crusting removed , the consultant found large perforation near... READ MORE

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