How soon after septoplasty, can you get a septal perforation repaired?

I just had my deviated septum and turbinate reduction 2 months ago. Today I went for a post of follow up and he noticed a perforation in my septum. I have whistling noises coming from my nose. He says the hoels is between 1-3mm. He states he needs to do some research to find out if it is to soon to try and repair it. He is concerned if he waits longer it might get bigger. I have no pain,bleeding. Just an annoying whistle and very dry . He did recommend in the meantime nasal gel and saline spray.

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Timing of septal perforation repair

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Too early of septal perforation surgery will often result in failure to close as the mucosa takes time to recover from surgery.  Most of the time it is on a case by case basis from mucosal observation and may be around 6 months after septoplasty.

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Septal perforation repair

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I am not aware of any time constraint on fixing your perforation. One thing to consider with a repair is the chance of the perforation getting larger. I find cartilage and perichondrium butterfly grafts to be quite successful in closing small perforations without the risk of tearing a larger hole. I have seen small perforations heal spontaneously in the first 6 weeks after surgery, but if it is present at 2 months, you may be beyond this possibility. All the best,

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