Septum perforation around 3cm after Septoplasty: What can be done?

Respected doctor, I have a hole in septum because of septoplasty surgery, due to which crusting and blockage of nose hurried me and I frequently drain nasal passages with luke warm salt water added baking soda. I fed up with above process that requires no particular time. I also take medicines like dezacor or deflazacort, solsphre, nasoclear (saline spray), levocitrezen etc., Please kindly sort out my problem for which I shall be grateful to you. thank u sir, murty

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Septum perforation

Septum perforation can be surgically repaired by local flap technique if the area is not so large. The alternative is a non-surgical closure using button prosthesis. Make sure to choose a specialist before doing this procedure.

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Septal perforation

Small septal perforations can be bothersome, particularly so if they are noisy and produce whistling.  Larger perforations actually sometimes produce less noise (and sometimes produce less complaints).  Very large septal perforations can lead to nasal vault collapse, and a severe deformity known as a saddle nose.  This deformity is frequently seen in boxers and cocaine abusers.  Septal perforations can occur after surgery, cocaine use, with certain autoimmune disorders, or after nasal trauma (specifically if a septal hematoma-or blog clot occurred and was not drained). 

Once you have a septal perforation, you should see a board certified plastic surgeon or ENT who has experience with septoplasty and septal perforation repair.  Certain patients are good candidates for repair.  Some perforations are better off left un-repaired.  Saline sprays to moisturize the nasal lining is a good start.  Some patients improve after placement of a silicone button.

Patients with a septal perforation should see a board certified surgeon.

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