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Hanging Columella And Bulbous / Droopy Tip After Rhinoseptoplasty

Think i have hanging columella and supra tip after the open rhinoseptoplasty with osteoctomy i went through 4 months ago.Don't know what happened... READ MORE

Extremely Bulbous Nose 5 Months Post-op - Normal?

Its been 5 months since I received a septoplasty and small bump reduction (rhino) from a broken nose injury. Its now 5 months after surgery & nose... READ MORE

Septoplasty/Least Invasive Rhinoplasty Advice? (photo)

I'm getting my broken nose fix and a Septoplasty. I would like to have a cosmetic adjustment and want the least amount of work done possible. I don't... READ MORE

What would you change about my nose? I don't like my nasal tip (Photo)

Hello! I have chosen an ENT and plastic surgeon who is wonderful. She will be performing a septoplasty due to my broken nose and deviated septum. My... READ MORE

When can I expect the swelling to at least even out? And the tip is also still "bulbous." (photos)

I had Septorhinoplasty done about 2 months ago where they also shaved down the dorsal hump. I had cartilage taken from my ear to make new supports... READ MORE

Bulbous tip with parenthesis look on tip after a septoplasty, turbinate reduction and rhinoplasty. Will it change? (Photo)

I had septoplasty / rhinoplasty and turbinate reduction about 10 days ago as I like the way my profile looks but dislike the front the tip looks... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for septoplasty? (Photo)

I would like to address my bulbous tip and the droopy tip as well as the length and repair my deviation. I have mild to moderate sleep apnea. I would... READ MORE

Would my nose and symptoms be accepted under some type of insurance? (Photos)

Hello! My nose is round, bulbous, and the nasal passages are very small. I have a harder time breathing, breathing more through my mouth than nose. I... READ MORE

Do I appear to have a deviated septum? (Photos)

I NEED a narrower nose and have been looking into rhinoplasty but when stumbling upon the price range I realized it could end up being a problem... READ MORE

3 months post op, tip is still round and bulbous looking - will this change? (photos)

I'm 3 months post open septoplasty and also had my hump straightened and tip lifted. I have noticed that there is no changes taking place in the tip... READ MORE

Am I swollen at 2 months post op septoplasty? (Photo)

I am 2 months post op, I had open septoplasty.. Bump shaved down, bridge bought in.. Bulbous tip taken away but I'm not sure if my nostril were... READ MORE

Will my nose change after one year open septoplasty or am I looking to the final result?

I had to correct my nose due to a deviated septum. I got really really swollen and 4 months after my surgeon inyected insulin to help and it did a... READ MORE

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