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Hanging Columella And Bulbous / Droopy Tip After Rhinoseptoplasty

Think i have hanging columella and supra tip after the open rhinoseptoplasty with osteoctomy i went through 4 months ago.Don't know what happened... READ MORE

Extremely Bulbous Nose 5 Months Post-op - Normal?

Its been 5 months since I received a septoplasty and small bump reduction (rhino) from a broken nose injury. Its now 5 months after surgery & nose... READ MORE

Septoplasty/Least Invasive Rhinoplasty Advice? (photo)

I'm getting my broken nose fix and a Septoplasty. I would like to have a cosmetic adjustment and want the least amount of work done possible. I don't... READ MORE

What would you change about my nose? I don't like my nasal tip (Photo)

Hello! I have chosen an ENT and plastic surgeon who is wonderful. She will be performing a septoplasty due to my broken nose and deviated septum. My... READ MORE

When can I expect the swelling to at least even out? And the tip is also still "bulbous." (photos)

I had Septorhinoplasty done about 2 months ago where they also shaved down the dorsal hump. I had cartilage taken from my ear to make new supports... READ MORE

Bulbous tip with parenthesis look on tip after a septoplasty, turbinate reduction and rhinoplasty. Will it change? (Photo)

I had septoplasty / rhinoplasty and turbinate reduction about 10 days ago as I like the way my profile looks but dislike the front the tip looks... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for septoplasty? (Photo)

I would like to address my bulbous tip and the droopy tip as well as the length and repair my deviation. I have mild to moderate sleep apnea. I would... READ MORE

Do I appear to have a deviated septum? (Photos)

I NEED a narrower nose and have been looking into rhinoplasty but when stumbling upon the price range I realized it could end up being a problem... READ MORE

Am I swollen at 2 months post op septoplasty? (Photo)

I am 2 months post op, I had open septoplasty.. Bump shaved down, bridge bought in.. Bulbous tip taken away but I'm not sure if my nostril were... READ MORE

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