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How Long After SeptoRhinoplasty Can I Begin Exercising?

I had SeptoRhinoplasty 2 weeks ago to remove hump and also correct the septum area. No osteotomy was done. I have been careful to avoid strenuous... READ MORE

Feeling Lightheaded and Dizzy After 2 Weeks Septoplasty Plus I Have Still Blood Discharge?

I have septoplasty and turbunate reduction 2 and half weeks ago i wanted to know is it normal to feel light headed light facial pain and dizzyness my... READ MORE

When Can I Touch my Nose After Septorhinoplasty? Can I Pick My Nose? Go to the Gym?

I had septorhinoplasty 2 weeks ago and I'm wondering if it's ok to rub it (just skin contact, no pressure) and when can I touch it/ press it hard.... READ MORE

Tape, Splint or Re-cast After Septo/rhinoplasty?

I had a deviated septum & had rhino-septoplasty 2 wks ago. After the cast was taken off on day 6, the nose looked great. Some 4 days later it was... READ MORE

Spitting out blood after septoplasty?

13 days ago I had Septoplasty.I can breath much better now. What im worried about I'm still having dark red, really thick mucus (almost looks like... READ MORE

How could this happen after septoplasty? Bigger nose and no shape? (photo)

I got septoplasty surgery 2 weeks ago. I got no brusing and minimum swelling. My doctor also did shave down my hump at the same time. My nose looks... READ MORE

Ear and Throat Pain After Septoplasty/turbinate Reduction/adeoidectomy?

I am 2 weeks post-op from septorhinoplasty, bilateral turbinate reduction and adenoidectomy and I've had this pain in my throat below my ears ever... READ MORE

What to Expect 2 Weeks After Septorhinoplasty?

I'm a 20 year old male that just went for open septorhinoplasty with turbinate reduction about a week ago. My nose still feels very stuffy and blocked... READ MORE

Sneezed Through my Nose 12 Days After Septorhinoplasty

Oops I was making my kids sandwiches and, I sneezed without any warning and forgot myself and sneezed through the nose. It wasn't a big sneeze.... READ MORE

I had a septoplasty 2 weeks ago. Should I be worried about a massive nosebleed?

I seemed to be recovering well with no complications. this morning i awoke with a massive nosebleed that would not stop for approximately 15 minutes.... READ MORE

Its Been 15 Days Since my Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction. I Rinse With The Net but the Nose Feels Blocked, What's Wrong?

On day 12 I rinsed with the saline rinse my nose was blocked I started to panic so by response I blew it out to get some air.Since then I have been... READ MORE

Nose Pinched Hard 2 Weeks After Septoplasty - Will This Damage my Nose?

My friend pinched my entire nose quite hard 2 weeks after my Septoplasty (a bit like how swimmers do when they go under water). It only hurt for a... READ MORE

Molding Nose with Finger After Rhinoplasty?

I recently had surgery, Rhino/Septo to be exact. It's been about a week and a half and I saw my surgeon today. He is a very highly decorated surgeon,... READ MORE

How Much Does a Typical 'Hanging' Columella Take to Retract? (photo)

Its been 2 weeks since my open septorhinoplasty. There is still a lot of swelling in the tip and along the small scar where my stitches were and I... READ MORE

Green/Bloody Mucous Discharge after Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction.

I had septoplasty & turbinate reduction surgery done 2 weeks ago. I had splints in my nose for a week, which were removed about a week ago. My... READ MORE

Pain when Laughing (Septorhinoplasty)?

I am 2 weeks post-op. I under went a septorhinoplasty to correct a broken septum and straighten the nose. 2 days ago I was laughing hardly and felt... READ MORE

How do I wash the outside of my nose after a septoplasty?

I had a septoplasty 2 weeks ago and was advised not to touch my nose. Since then my nose has become literally covered in gunk. Am I able to gently... READ MORE

I just had splints removed, 14 days post op & my son just hit my nose hard, should I go to the ER?

My son hit my nose very hard this morning by accident… My daughter and I think maybe it looks slightly shifted but I really can't tell. When I c... READ MORE

I Had Septoplasty Two Weeks Ago and my Nose is Still Completely Blocked?

I had Septoplasty two weeks ago and my nose is still completly blocked and dripping clear fluid, have been using nasal wash but no air can enter my... READ MORE

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