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Turbinant Reduction 1 Week Ago; Have Congestion, When Will This Go Away?

I had turbinant reduction on the left and a septoplasty 6 days ago ...I am still very congested and stuffy ..when will I be able to get rid of this... READ MORE

Blowing Nose After Septoplasty?

On the fifth day after my septoplasty i was half asleep and wasn;t thinking and blew my nose pretty hard. I was instructed not to blow my nose for a... READ MORE

Deviated Septum Surgery, is It Possible for the Nose to Return to Its Original Position?

I had surgery seven days ago, septorhinoplasty. I think the septum is retuning to the original position, each day it looks a little further across is... READ MORE

How Do I Know if I Did Any Damage by Blowing my Nose 1 Week Post Septorhinoplasty?

I got my stents and cast removed yesterday being day 6 post-op. The ENT Dr. had me blow my nose once removed. But today I blew it a few times with a... READ MORE

How Long Until I Can Sneeze Through my Nose After a Septoplasty?

I had a septoplasty performed one week ago. I have allergies & a very sensitive nose which causes me to sneeze quite often. Sneezing through my... READ MORE

I Accidentally Pulled out a Suture 5 Days After Septoplasty Surgery

Hello, I had septoplasty surgery on Friday July 8th. I had mucus and blood coming out of my nose for about 3 days and it stopped. Now I have a bunch... READ MORE

Can You Masturbate After Septoplasty?

I had this surgery 4 days ago and was wondering if i can masturbate because on the sheet it said no sexual activity for a week but my doctor is very... READ MORE

After Septoplasty, the Incision Opened Up when the Stitches Dissolved. Should I Worry?

I had sinus surgery and septoplasty six days ago. I have been doing nasal rinses. Today I noticed that the sightless had dissolved on their own but... READ MORE

Is It Normal for the Right Side of my Nose to Be Completely Blocked POST Septoplasty?

I had a septoplasty last tuesday because I had a deviated septum (right side was slightly blocked). It's been 7 days now, and my left side I can... READ MORE

How fragile is the septum after septoplasty?

Once the septum is repaired during septoplasty, how resilient is it?   I underwent septoplasty, turbinate resection and sinus polypectomy on... READ MORE

Small, Hard and White Bump Under the Stitch of Septoplasty? (photo)

Yesterday was the 7th day after my septoplasty and this bump appeared right under one of the dissolvable stitches.I started putting an antibiotic... READ MORE

I Had a Septoplasty and Turbinate Reductions 8 Days Ago, my Right Nostril is Congested/turbinate Feels Swollen. Is This Normal?

I Had a Septoplasty and Turbinate Reductions 8 Days Ago, my Right Nostril is Congested/turbinate Feels Swollen.  Is This Normal? READ MORE

Dizzy After Cleaning Nose After 6 Days Post Septoplasty?

I had Septoplasty 6 days ago and went for my follow up appoinment today he says he's happy enough and that am free to go but to come back to him in 3... READ MORE

Runny Nose and Ache Normal Eight Days Post Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction?

Had septoplasty and turbinate reduction eight days ago. It's healing nicely, I think. But since dried mucus came out earlier, feels cold, runny... READ MORE

My Cat Jumped on my Face While I Was Sleeping and Hit my Nose (8 Days Post Op Septorhinoplasty). Have I Ruined my Results?

I got a septorhinoplasty 8 days ago to fix my deviated septum, add a spreader graft to the right side, and a hum reduction. This morning my cat jumped... READ MORE

Septoplasty And Turbinoplasty Bad Recovery?

I had may operation 7 days ago.On second day I got infection. Until today I cannot breath because both my nostrils a blocked. My right nostril is... READ MORE

Is it normal to experience headaches after Septoplasty?

It is 1 week since I had a septoplasty. I have severe headaches on the right side. My jaw n cheeks are very sore. Pain medication only last for a... READ MORE

After Swelling Recedes in Your Nose Can Septal Stents Move Slightly on Their Own?

Hi, I just had a septoplasty/turbinate reduction on monday and while my nose is still completely blocked with congestion, the swelling went down quite... READ MORE

Is It Normal for the Nostrils to Be Uneven a Few Days After a Septo Rhinoplasty?

I just had a septo rhinoplasty 4 days ago and am really worried because the left side tip looks really high. Is this normal? I noticed the change... READ MORE

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