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Deep indented scar on pubic area?

I had a very bad ingrown hair that I decided to dig at with tweezers/needle. I think it got very infected and I tried to clean it out with products... READ MORE

How to get rid of scars on my pubic area? (photo)

I have these scars, they were i believe ingrown hair that i burst, i would like to know how to get rid of them and what type of scars they are. i have... READ MORE

Trying To Find A Plastic Surgeon Who Is Capable Of Removing Scar Tissue And Fixing Scar

Around two years ago I had a cyst removed from my pubic area. The cyst was removed without any problems, but I developed an infection in the incision... READ MORE

Removing Severe Ingrown Pubic Hair Scars and Permanent Hair Removal. Which type, what equipment and why? (photo)

Due to abundance of extremely thick and curly pubic hair, hairs become severely ingrown after conventional removal methods. It has caused mainly... READ MORE

How can I get rid of old raised hypertrophic scars on pubic area?

Hi. I'm a African american and have plenty of raised hypertrophic scars over a decade old from shaving when I was under 10 & shaved carelessly, where... READ MORE

I don't know how to get rid of these red spots and scars from years of waxing pubic area? (Photo)

I'm really prone to ingrown hairs- I try really hard to exfoliate everyday and I've stopped waxing and now only shave: but these red marks just don't... READ MORE

Is it possible to get scar revision for suprapubic catheter scar?

I was diagnosed with female epispadias at the age of 2. Dozens of reconstrutive surgeries later and I am left with quite a few scars. The only one... READ MORE

Embarrassed about these scars caused by trying to trim my pubic hair. How can I remove them? (Photo)

I tried to trim my pubic hair with hair clippers and they cut me. i am now left with ugly wart like scars. what can i do to remove them. thanks READ MORE

How can I get rid of this bump/ possibly keloid? (photo)

I have had a bump in my pubic area for years. I've been given oral antibiotics as well as fucidin which didn't work. It is hard, it doesn't itch and... READ MORE

How do I get to of ingrowns and scars on pubic/bikini region? (Photo)

Iv had problems with ingrowns for 4 year now and I feel they are getting worst. Iv tried tend skin and bio oil but they haven't worked. I exfoliate... READ MORE

Hiding scar dimple above pubic area? (Photo)

I am bothered by that dimple/line that the vertical scar above my pubic area is creating. What could can be done to correct it. When I pull the skin... READ MORE

How to get rid of light scars from aggressively picking ingrown hairs on pubic area? (Photo)

I seem to have gotten light scars from overly picking at ingrown hairs relentlessly on my pubic area. I would continuously pick at the skin until I... READ MORE

How to get rid of scarring in my pubic area? (Photo)

It's been 6 years since I started shaving my pubic area. I was 12, now I'm 18. I haven't shaved there in years. My doctor told me that the scars will... READ MORE

How Long is the Typical Hospital Stay for Adhesion Removal Surgery?

I am supposed to have adhesion surgery soon, and this is due to many pelvic surgeries, and an eventual hysterectomy that went bad. I have alot of... READ MORE

Trying To Find Great Plastic Surgeon Who Is Very Good At Scar Tissue Removal And Also A Urologist? (photo)

I have received some very good answers about my scar tissue problems, but after explaining my situation to the staff at a couple of very qualified... READ MORE

How can I stop my keloids on my private area from hurting? Can they be removed?

I have a couple of keloids on my private area, I got from shaving. They are hurting and irritating me. I really want them removed, but i was told the... READ MORE

How to treat white marks on pubic area from waxing?

I have small white marks, (scars?) where pubic hair was removed. I have medium olive skin tone. Is there any way to treat these and make them the same... READ MORE

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