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Hydroquinone for Leg Burn Scar?

My leg was burnt 2 months ago. Can I use hydroquinone now, or shall I wait 6 months and then apply it? A friend of mine told me to wait 6 months but I... READ MORE

What can I do naturally to help this scar to look better, heal better, etc. any info will help? (photos)

I have a very raised red and white scar on my chin due to an injury I got about 2 months ago give it take. By the time i got to the doctors , i was... READ MORE

Any options to get rid of these bruises/scars on my shins? (photos)

I cut my shin open a couple times in CrossFit - long story shot, got a staph infection, twice. The antibiotics I took caused further skin irritation... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation and old scar tissue on toes from when I was 5 years old. What can I do? (photos)

When I was 5 I wore a pair of tight shoes. I am now 33 and have hyperpigmentation on my toes and the skin on my ankles is darker and a little pinkish... READ MORE

What can be used to fade hyperpigmented marks/scars on dark skin? (photos)

Hi, I am a 25 y/o AA female that suffers from very bad hyperpigmented skin. Anytime I get a bug bite, scratch, burn, etc. the mark will heal really... READ MORE

What are the procedures to lighten or minimize the appearance of the dark & deep scars on my knees? (photos)

These scars have been the source of my embarrassment for more than 20 years.I would always have to hide them in jeans and long skirts:( i've tried... READ MORE

I have dark spots scars on leg and arm. Any suggestions? (photos)

I got these scars since I was 10 and now I am 26. My skin is sensitive and the scars left because of mosquito bites. I did scratch when itchy so it... READ MORE

I have a scar on my face and I want to get rid of it! Any suggestions? (photos)

To start off the way I got this scar is by fall off my bike and face planting resulting in slashing off the top layer of my skin on check also... READ MORE

How can I cosmetically fix a severe dark scar area caused by a surgery incision? (photos)

After having surgery and stitches to close the incision site, my scar area darkened drastically. I tried Hydroquinone and my skin just laughed at it.... READ MORE

Brown pigmented spots/patches that are from acne and burn history; how can I get rid of them? (Photos)

I have a bunch of spots all over my face and body, from acne & from burn marks. On my face they're dime sized, on my body they are quarter sized &... READ MORE

How to get rid of 11 year old scar? (Photo)

Anything with hyrdoquinone 4% makes it inflamed and red. The skin is very sensitive, the color changes from medium to dark brown. The skin around it... READ MORE

How can I get rid of the dark spot on nose and hand? (Photo)

My nose spots are since 1 am trying hydroquinone mixed with tretinoin and steroid like triluma but it makes my nose peel and red burning... READ MORE

How to treat damaged skin on my face after a severe burn caused by Retin A and hydroquinone?

About 7 months ago I was desperate to get clear skin so I tried retinA and hydroquinone it's was what could afird compared to other services so I have... READ MORE

How can I get rid of this punch biopsy scar? (photos)

Hi there! I am 23 y/o and have this scar right below my belly button. I have never shaved my stomach, but the one time I do I get an ingrown hair! I... READ MORE

How to remove these? (Photo)

I recently applied uk derm erase (hydroquinone) on my leg scars in order to reduce its visibility. However, the scars became red and dark yet it is... READ MORE

Had one of my chicken pox scars excised on face 11 months ago. Everything went perfect except the discoloration. Options?

I have Indian skin, however the scar is just still dark red. When I blanch the skin, it turns white. So I don't think I have hyperpigmentation. What... READ MORE

Brown pigmented skin patches from acne and burns; how can I get rid of them? (Photos)

Hello, I have many spots all over my face and body, from acne & burns. On my face they're dime sized, on my body they are quarter sized & larger.... READ MORE

What type of scars are these and what are my best treatment options? (Photos)

Last year, throughout the entire pregnancy, I suffered from severe acne which was so bad it was everywhere on my body which inc. my face, neck, chest,... READ MORE

What is the best chemical peel to treat the scars of the legs?

I'm biracial and I have childhood scars and newer scars caused by sugaring and waxing. I want to get rid of them. Please help me I'm very conscious of... READ MORE

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