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How Can I Help Flatten Raised Bumps from a Recent Circumcision?

HI, I was circumcised 5 weeks ago. The right side is fine and flat, but the scar line on the left is very red, raised and bumpy. Because the scar line... READ MORE

How to get rid of a bright red scar on the head of my penis? (Photo)

Hi I am an uncircumcised male, I have a bright red scar on the head of my penis from a fungal infection from when I was a child. the scar is not... READ MORE

Penis circumcision scar (Photo)

Hi, i have been circumcised from a very young age. As result, i have scars around my penis. This has stopped me approaching girls. Help. Is this a... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Circumcision scar? (photos)

I am a healthy 56 year old male. I was circumcised at the age of 27, and have severe stitching scars circling the base of the penis head as a result.... READ MORE

I'm trying to remove dissolvable stitches?

Recently got circumcised and its 10 days after operation. Urologist said it was ok to start taking the stitches out. I do not see any knots from the... READ MORE

How to reduce or remove painful, thick scarring after Circumcision? Circumcision swells up and heals messy around the stitches.

I had a revision Circumcision recently as years ago I had my original circumcision due to phimosis, but I was left with a very messy scar that was... READ MORE

Scar revision in coronal sulcus area?

After an adult circumcision, I have been left with an unsightly scar between the corona and the shat, in the sulcus area, about 1 inch long.... READ MORE

Will a hydroquinone-based product like Scarguard Lightener permanently & safely lighten a neonatal circumcision scar? (Photo)

When I was circumcised as a baby, the resulting scar was very dark and uneven. It has always embarrassed & bothered me, and I've gotten negative... READ MORE

Scar tissue around the scar line of circumcision

Are there any methods of removing the scar tissue around the scar line of a circumcision? There are certain spots under the skin that feel lumpy and... READ MORE

Circumcision old scar. What would be the best option? (Photo)

Hi, I've had this car for a while, it makes me feel extremely insecure about myself and sometimes It feels right to think of grabbing a knife or... READ MORE

How to remove circumcision scars on penis? (Photo)

Hi Doctor, My circumcision was done 10 years ago. Unfortunately the surgery left awful scars on my penis. The stitches are very dark and visible, the... READ MORE

I realized I have a circumcision injury and this caused a scar & disfigured the shape of my glans. Any suggestions? (photo)

I would like to know if a buccoal muccosal graft be done on this region to remove the scar and improve the appearace and shape and comfort of my glans... READ MORE

Circumcision scar removal?

Hi, I was circumcised many years ago with the Gomco clamp.As part of the technique, it left me an brown ring around the penis and some spots that look... READ MORE

Removing Circumcision Scar?

Hi, I was circumcised many years ago with the Gomco clamp.As part of the technique, it left me an brown ring around the penis and some spots that look... READ MORE

What can I do to remove unsightly circumcision scars from an operation around 11 years ago? (Photo)

I had a circumcision about 11-12 years ago when I was about 14 or 15. I still have what looks like scars from the stitches. I am a little... READ MORE

How do I remove black bumpy scars from circumcision? (Photo)

Hi Dr. I had Circumcision when i was 16 years old. It leaves very bad scar on skin of my penis. Now i am 23 years old. And i get so worried about it.... READ MORE

Large scars on glans and blacking of skin around penis and testis. Can they be removed? (Photo)

Hi,I am 21years old boy and I circumcised at the age of 10 scars of circumcision are till present on my glans if they are normal i can't bother but... READ MORE

I have a circumcision scar I would like to get rid of. What can I do?

I had a circumcision done for medial purposes in 2009 and ever since I had a pretty bad scar under my penis. 75 % of the scar is pretty good but a 25... READ MORE

Is there a cream to help fade discoloration caused by scar from circumcision?

Are there any scar creams that can fade away the skin discolouration? Also, safe enough to use on your private parts...thank you! READ MORE

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