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Does Salicylic Acid Work to Lighten Dark Spots?

After Electrocautery treatments I got dark spots on my face. I tried using 4% Hydroquinone on them but it didn't work. Is Salicylic Acid good? Thank You. READ MORE

Applied 27.5% Salicylic Acid Wart Remover on Face Which Caused Dark Spots. What Do You Recommend? (photo)

Yes, I am extremely embarrassed I ever thought this would be a good idea! I did this yesterday, left it for a couple of hours, scraped it off and saw... READ MORE

Dark spots after Salicylic Acid peel normal? (Photos)

Used an at-home salycilic acid 30% as guided by the instructions and left on for two minutes. This is what my skin looks like a couple of hours after.... READ MORE

Salicylic peel ends up with hyperpigmentation on my face. How can I remove it? (photos)

I applied 30% slicylic peel on my acne. After 10days from the day, I have another dark spot on my face ( around mu lips) Is it permanent?? how can i... READ MORE

I Need Some Input on my Skin Condition? (photo)

I started using salicylic acid peel 20% two months ago and this was the result. I ruined my skin, I was out in the sun a lot with little sun... READ MORE

How do I combine 4% hydroquinone cream with 20% salicylic acid peel?

Hi. I recently started using 20% salicylic acid peel because of acne, oily skin and ingrown hairs. My acne is moderate but the ingrown hairs at the... READ MORE

I applied 30% salicylic acid peel to my face for 3 minutes. Is it normal for it to be red & dry? It's only been 48 hours (Photo)

When will I start to see results? Will the dark spots on my cheeks fade or peel away? Does this look like a burn? If so, how can it be treated? READ MORE

2 months Post op on Electrocauterization, when will the dark spots on my cheeks disappear?

Im a 22 year old east indian female. I had a treatment called electrocauterization done on my face for these dark spots I had on my cheek and Its been... READ MORE

I performed 30% Salicylic peel at home for 2 mins last night. Please advise me on my question now. (Photo)

Procedure steps 1#clean my face isopropyl 70% with cotton ball(Covered my eye,nostril n around lip areas with vaseline)2#small amount of Acid on... READ MORE

Salicylic acid peel burn! Dark spots don't look good (Photo)

Ive had many of these peels before but not as frequently as I did this time. I did this peel only a week after my last one. The skin turned white... READ MORE

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