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How Do Noses Change Shape?

Hi I'm 24 years old and I wanted a nose job for ever. I'm a thin and short person everyone tell me that my nose appears to be to big for my... READ MORE

Will Losing Weight in my Face Make my Nose Look Thinner?

I was left with a slightly pinched tip after a rhinoplasty in 2007. Over the 5 years i have put on 2okg. I am seeking to lose the weight slowly and... READ MORE

What Happens After Fat Removal from the Nose Tip?

When fat is removed to thin the skin for increased refinement, is this permanent? If the patient gains a weight following the procedure will this ruin... READ MORE

Will my nose get bigger or appear bigger with weight loss?

Weight loss with proportion to changes in nose size and structure , planning on losing weight but I'm scared that my nose would appear to be bigger if... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty with chin implant. Do I need a chin implant or will a rhinoplasty suffice for better profile? (Photo)

I feel self-conscious that people stare at my bump in my nose and my weak chin when they look at me from my profile. I notice I had a weak chin when... READ MORE

I had a nose job in Feb. of 2009 and its now June 2010. Nose Getting Bigger After Rhinoplasty?

I had a nose job in Feb. of 2009 and its now June 2010. At first my nose was a lot smaller and I noticed about 6 or 8 months ago it started to get... READ MORE

Changes in Nose Three Years Post Rhinoplasty. Could something be wrong, causing swelling? (Photo)

My daughter was almost 19 when she had a rhinoplasty. The Dr scooped a little too much from the bridge, but said he didn't do much revision of the tip... READ MORE

Gaining weight from Pregnancy, will it effect my Rhinoplasty result?

I'm nearly 2 weeks post op, rhinoplasty, septoplasty, and turbinectomy. I'm planning to get pregnant soon but I'm worried that gaining weight would... READ MORE

Always hungry, gaining weight post rhinoplasty

I'm a 28 YO female. I am 5' 6" and am usually 120 pounds. Avid runner. Two months ago after rhinoplasty I started getting hungry and thirsty and... READ MORE

Will a steroid injection in my nose after rhinoplasty make me gain weight?

Hi there. I had rhinoplasty a few months ago and am scheduled to have a steroid injection in my nose to help with the continued swelling, however some... READ MORE

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