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Is It Ok to Use Salt and Water on a Sore Throat After Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty 5 days ago and my throat is SO painful (left side) it hurts to swallow and even breathe as my nose is blocked up. I was wondering... READ MORE

5 Days Post-Op Rhinoplasty I have Inflamed Red Throat, is this Postnasal Drip?

I am 5 days PO for my rhinoplasty. The nose discomfort is almost nonexistent. But the sore throat is terrible. At first I thought it was the direct... READ MORE

How do I treat a severe sore throat after rhinoplasty, 5 days post-op?

I was under general anesthesia, so I know that it originated from the intubation. My throat has been sore since the surgery, but two nights ago I was... READ MORE

I have a sore throat and post nasal drip that wont go away. I am 9 weeks post op. When will it get better?

I had a deviated septom, hump removal and turbinate reduction 9 weeks post op, I have had a sore throat since my surgery and also have post nasal drip... READ MORE

Should my throat hurt this bad after Rhinoplasty?

I know I had a tube down my throat but it has been almost a week and it's still causing me pain every time I eat. I cannot eat fruit or else it'll... READ MORE

I have a severe throat ache after Rhinoplasty anything I can do to relieve the pain?

Its been 10 hours since my rhinoplasty and I have a terrible throat ache, it hurts extremely when I try to swallow. READ MORE

Is it normal to have burning feeling in nose & throat 17 days post turbinate reduction, septo/rhinoplasty, sinus surgery?

I had surgery 17 days ago, my healing seemed to be going as normal as everything I've read. However on day 16 I started to feel soreness in both my... READ MORE

Post Rhinoplasty throat problems. What are your thoughts on this? Should I be concerned? (Photo)

I got a rhinoplasty done 5 days ago which has hurt my throat beyond belief which I have been told is due to the use of an endotracheal tube. Things... READ MORE

I had an open septorhinoplasty Tuesday around 3 and I am in so much pain.

I have been taking my pain meds and the relaxant medication as well as the antibiotics and I cannot stand the pain. Last night I slept for 2 hours and... READ MORE

Feeling sick after turbinate reduction with radiofrequency

Hi, Is it normal to feel sick after a turbinate reduction (conchotomy) surgery? Pain, stuffed nose and dripping from the nose. Today, 5 days after the... READ MORE

Does my throat yeast infection affect my nose 5 months after rhinoplasty?

Hi, it has been 5 months since my rhinoplasty and septoplasty. I had been infected with a yeast infection in my throat and stomach and would like to... READ MORE

Is this normal old blood 5 weeks post op or infection? Rhinoplasty. (photo)

Hi apologies for horrible pic , had rhinoplasty 5 weeks ago with deviated septum whole nose was slimmed , Stopped bleeding 1 week post op and now for... READ MORE

Dripping secretions into the throat and hoarseness after septorhinoplasty.

Could this be that I can experience voice hoarseness when talking to long due to dripping secretions post op? Sometimes I feel it on one side of the... READ MORE

Why am I feeling terrible pain 4 months post rhinoplasty and turbinectomy? (photos)

Ct scan PNS post operation attached.Areas of pain include ear,forehead,gums,throat. Pain is of pinching and nerve stretching cannot sleep or work... READ MORE

Feeling sick and weak after rhinoplasty?

I was born with a cleft palate and 5 days ago I had rhinoplasty to straighten my nose and my septum. I woke up this morning feeling very sick, I had a... READ MORE

Does your throat hurt after septorhinoplasty?

How long do you usually bleed? Does Arnica Montana help with bruising and swelling? I am wondering because I have a deviated septum. READ MORE

I have a green phlegm after rhinoseptoplasty. Is this normal?

I have green phlegm appeared in my throat 10 days after my rhinoseptoplasty. First It started with bloody phlegm and now turned to green. Is this... READ MORE

Is it normal to develop permanent sore throat symptoms after a rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty in 1990 to lift the tip of the nose. The operation was in my view a total failure. to lift the tip of se. The the no READ MORE

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